Rocket League Sideswipe: Release Date, Alpha/Beta, Price and More

Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League Sideswipe is the new mobile game launching this year. Rocket League has taken the world by storm ever since it premiered back in 2015. While most agree over the fact that the game has changed the gaming scene for quite some time now, a lot of players have been quite disappointed with the lack of variety in gameplay since it appears as though it hasn’t really changed all that much over the years. The developers appeared to be more concerned with releasing cosmetics for now as opposed to actually changing up the game.

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But, as we all know by now, this is all about to change as the people behind Psyonix have finally decided to move on from Rocket League and release its direct sequel, aptly titled Rocket League Sideswipe. This new standalone Rocket League experience is said to really shake things up again but in a new way, as the game is going to be released on mobile of all platforms.

So, here is all that we know about the game so far:


Rocket League sbarca su Android e iPhone - Wired

When it comes to the gameplay of Rocket League Sideswipe, the developers have stated that they will be putting on more emphasis on the 1v1 and 2v2 aspects, making the game a lot more fast-paced too, with each match lasting 2 minutes each. There won’t be much of a difference when it comes to the basic strategy of the game, you will try to score the ball using the whacky physics that the game expects you to put hundreds if not thousands of hours into practicing.

The controls are said to be very easy to pick up for, so even if you’re not accustomed to the Rocket League gameplay you should still be able to enjoy your time online. Sure, there will always be advanced mechanics which will help you get to the next level, but since the game will be slightly more different in terms of gameplay on mobile, everyone will start off at the same level and gradually work their way up.

What this means is that if you’re afraid of getting destroyed in the current Epic Store version of Rocket League, you can definitely get away with being a new player in this new mobile version since nobody will be perfect in it to begin with.

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It’s also interesting to note that Rocket League Sideswipe will be set in a 2D perspective as opposed to the 3D perspective that Rocket League has been using so far. The developers have promised that this will not change the game from its incredibly immersive physics-based gameplay to a more toned-down state, quite the contrary actually. Since the matches will be a lot shorter, the action will be a lot more packed too. On top of that, if you find yourself losing 5-0 then the match will simply end right then and there.

This was decided because of how crazy online casual matches get. If you haven’t played Rocket League before this might sound strange but you can join casual matches mid match, and often times this results in you joining matches in which you are losing 0-10 very quickly. To avoid this, they made the matches 2 minutes long and they forced the match to a close if you start losing or winning too much to make it even.

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If you’ve ever played Rocket League you know just how much of an emphasis there is on customization and accessories. While they don’t change the gameplay in the slightest, it is always interesting to see just how much creativity can go into someone’s design, especially when there are millions of options to choose from so you can make your own original look.

Luckily, this part of the game will be taken to the next level in Rocket League Sideswipe since the game promises even more customization options. You just need to go to the garage where you will be able to equip any item you own and make your dream car a reality.

Availability, release date

As mentioned previously, Rocket League Sideswipe is a mobile game which means that it will be available for iOS and Android altogether. The game will be 100% free, you will not need to waste any money on the base game and since the gameplay isn’t affected by the accessories you can know for sure that you’ll never be beaten by someone’s credit card.

Rocket League: Sideswipe 1.0 - Download per Android APK Gratis

At the moment, players in Australia and New Zealand have been offered a limited-time Regional Alpha test on Android, these keys have been given to professionals and YouTubers alike, but there have also been several random players that have also been selected to test out the game and find any current flaws in it.

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The game is set to be released later this year, and according to the developers and the people that have been testing it out so far, it’s pretty much done by now, with the game being ready to be released as we speak. Now, there will definitely be some balancing issues as not everyone has the latest versions of their iPhones and Samsung devices, but the developers have promised that they will optimize the game enough for even the most casual phone gamer to really be able to enjoy the game for what it is.

You will be able to get the game either from the App Store if you’re using an iOS device or directly from the Google Play Store if you’re using an Android device. According to the developers, this will be similar to the Switch version of many games, but while this is essentially Rocket League for mobile, it is vastly different in terms of gameplay than the base Rocket League version we’ve grown to love.

While they will be releasing the game free on iOS and Android, they do hope to make their money back through the many different items and accessories that players can purchase to make their cars stand out.

Are you excited for this new mobile game or are you disappointed the sequel is not a PC or console release? 

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