Rocket League beginners guide Tips and Trick

Rocket League beginners guide

Psyonix released Rocket League in 2015. The game saw immediate popularity and has managed to maintain an active player base since its launch. However, in 2019, Epic bought Psyonix and recently made Rocket League free-to-play for anyone with an Epic account. It attracts many players to start playing RL, completing matches & finishing daily challenges, obtaining the best rewards, and creating the best RL car designs.

For those new to Rocket League, here are some tips and tricks to help get you started scoring goals and landing epic saves.

Camera Shake

Turn camera shake off to use powerslide around the map. It can help you in many different ways. You can use it when turning to turn at sharper angles which will reduce your speed a little, or you can use it after being bumped or falling to make your landing a lot smoother. As time goes on, you’re going to learn when the best times to use powerslide are.

How to bet on Rocket League?

Bad Ball-Cam Usage

This is an annoying thing to get better at, but it’s indispensable if you want to improve at the start, you might whiff at the last second on a few balls, but that’s completely normal, and it’s quite frustrating sometimes too. It’s ll pay off in the long run by a mile if you skip on learning how to use ball cam properly. So the ball-cam usage is significant, and you should start practicing it as early as you can.

Improving Flips

Flipping is a fantastic way to gain more speed and a great way to gain more power on your hits on the ball instead of single jumping for that ball. Try flipping into it; this will generate more power into the ball, making the shot a lot harder to save and speed-wise. It helps you get into positions faster and save balls that you usually wouldn’t save unless you had flipped for it.


Having a slow kickoff can result in you getting scored on a lot, but it also goes the same way if you have a swift and basic one, get a lot of easy goals and all you got to do is drive towards the ball and the very end flip. You get a little bit of speed that edge on your opponent, and you’ll score easy. After you master a fast kickoff, you can gain a whole bunch more points than you previously would have had. You can get a lot of easy goals just by getting to the ball faster on kickoff.

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Stop Caring About Air Dribbles

Every people wants to learn how to air dribble, it looks fantastic, but when you start in the game, it’s not important, don’t be one of those players that hits it once in free play and then takes the ball to the wall. Every chance in ranked from then on, you may annoy your teammates. You need to practice it a lot more to make it even viable.

Learn the Basic Controls

Make sure you know all the basics manoeuvres and controls first, and then you can work on getting your crazy shots down. The main things you should know how to do are boosting, dodging, braking, and controlling the rotation of your car.

Boosting is pretty straightforward. When your boost meter isn’t empty, you hold down the boost button and collect the little circles on the ground to fill the meter. Boosting allows players to zoom around the map and even fly around when they get better at it. Dodging makes your car do a flip, which in turn hits the ball at a much greater velocity. Braking is done by simply hitting the brake button. You can use this to stop more quickly, as well as drift around for easier maneuverability. You can control the way your car is positioned in the air by moving the left stick around. It’s hard to figure out at first, but it becomes second nature when you get the hang of it.

Play around with all of these controls until you are comfortable enough using each one of them. They’re all tools with specific purposes, and you’ll learn more about each purpose the more you practice.

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Use The Training Scenarios

There are several training scenarios that you can use to become better at this sports game. It is best to go through at least the tutorial before jumping into a match, as it will help you understand the basic mechanics and concept of the game. The more you play, the better you will become, and even spending just ten minutes in training can help you excel.

Always Freeplay During Queue

Freeplay is a training tool for you to use if you go into the play online options under training and go into free play. It allows you to play the game with or without unlimited boost and what you should do is get used to playing as fast as you can and hitting the ball as hard as you can. Training yourself to be able to react and play as quick as possible and make the small minute touches to have some control and you can mix it up, you can go for aerials, you can play it off the wall, you can go for a dribble, there’s a lot of things you can do to improve your skills.

Learn to rotate

When you’re first starting, positioning is the most important thing to pay attention to. It may seem like everyone is charging after the ball flat-out all the time — it feels like pure chaos for a time. (To be fair, sometimes it is.)

But once you play the game for a while, you may begin to notice a pattern, aptly called “rotating.”

The goal should never be left unattended when you and your teammates are properly rotating — whether playing 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4. When one or two players push up for offense, one should remain back on defense. This gets more tricky when you’re playing 2v2, but you must adapt the same principle to make sure someone is always keeping an eye on your goal.

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Flipping is performed when you press a direction on your steering mechanism and double-tap your jump button simultaneously. Your car will flip forward, and this is a useful skill to know in any situation. It is often used at kickoffs at the last second to ensure you are the one to hit the ball first. This skill is also used when you are out of boost and need to get back to the goal in a hurry.

A Few Tips and Tricks When Playing Rocket League

Make sure to select the right car. Currently, the best car is octane because of its hitbox. Hitboxes matter more than you think. Saving your boost is another thing you should do. Do not waste your boost when you don’t need it. If you need to get to your goal fast, do double flips. Rotations are also crucial in the game. The point of them is that someone is always defending a goal.

Also, remember that team play is everything in this game, and your goal is to win and not to score as many goals yourself as possible, do not be goal greedy. Make sure to stop ball-chasing. If your teammates are going after the ball, let them go, you can only make the situation worse by ball-chasing and end up losing the match.

These are all the basic things that you need to know to understand the game. Try not to rage quit if your teammate does something stupid; just play along.

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