New World Beginner’s Guide

New World Beginner’s Guide

If you’re looking to play a Massive Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game or MMORPG, then New World is one of the best choices that you can pick. It cuts out overwhelming fluff that has been introduced by other games within the niche.

However, even with the game offers so much, it can be a little hard for beginners to handle it. But that doesn’t mean one should miss the fun. This beginner’s guide has all the tips and tricks that will help you strengthen your journey in the game. So let’s get started:

Join the Game

Since it’s an MMORPG game, players globally will be joining the game a lot. Instead of waiting for the game to get accumulated and the resources getting finite, you should join the game as soon as possible.

Anteprima di New World - Novità | New World

Players interact and form communities that provide safety from other opponents. When you join, find a community/ faction yourself and join it. You should be able to interact, explore and engage in a whole range of activities with your allies, which doubles the fun.

You can keep an eye on your chat rooms where companies often send recruitment messages. You can also check their messages regarding gameplay experiences, find the one that suits your needs, and join.

Blocking and Dodging

Everybody’s a gangster until you miscalculate blocking and dodging and end up dying. That is why you need to know when to block and dodge in the game. New World has an exciting battlefield that one can engage with.

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New World: basta bot! Amazon prende provvedimenti

From monsters to other players, you can come across several battles where your choice of dodging and blocking will play a key role. For instance, blocking is better when you’re facing a foe with a fast attacking speed.

It’s better to sit in one place and block instead of dodging the quick attacks and letting your stamina get drained. On the other hand, dodging is an optimal choice when the foe lacks attack speed. This way you can dodge and attack instead of blocking and waiting.

Moreover, blocking is also optimal for attacks that don’t have much power. However, blocking a heavy attack can be dangerous as it can overpower your blockade and can potentially kill your character. On the contrary, if the attacks are heavy, then dodging is the most optimal choice.

Attack Chains

New World features light, basic and heavy attacks that can be combined with weapons and skills. That’s when you create attack chains. If you’re fighting PvE enemies with a melee hero, you can switch between skills and weapons, creating a chain of offensive attacks that would help you stay on the counter without letting your opponent make any move.

New World Weapon Combos Guide - Best Starter Weapon Combos

You can break through their block and keep on the offensive, dealing massive damage and killing them faster. It also allows you to gain speed during the attack while timing your block or dodge.

Character Specialization

Even though New World allows you to specialize your character with various attributes and weapons, becoming a jack-of-all-trades isn’t recommended. You don’t have to put on various weapons or use different abilities when you aren’t composed using them. This would end up in you losing health and your character dying during the battle.

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What need to know about game "New World" | ExpCarry

Therefore, while picking weapons, ensure that you’re choosing the one that synergizes with your current stats. There are times when weapons affect your character’s stats such as attack speed, sprint speed, etc.

Plus, you also need to decide between the weapons that are best for the type of your character. If you’re picking a tank, which has a lot of potential for strength, then choose Great Axe or a Sword and a Shield. The same theory goes for players with agility and intelligence.

In other words, you need to choose weapons that will fit best with your character while giving it great support as you level up during the game.

Salvage Not Sell

Another important thing to consider especially after you find loot is to salvage the items instead of selling them. Most people often are tempted by selling looted items on the market. Even though it can be a favorable decision, considering no one wants to keep unused items in their stack, you may want to rethink it while playing New World.

You can salvage specific items and then build or craft specific gear or weapons. Although it can be time taking since you’ll be needing specific parts for any kind of build. However, once you’ve got an item you can either keep it or sell it on the market at a better price than before.

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Searching for Chests

When visiting any location, make sure that you go through every space for finding treasure chests. New World is amongst those games that hide treasure chests with amazing items. These aren’t hard to find and you can look through the entire location to find something that would give you an edge ahead in the game.

How to search chests in New World - Pro Game Guides

You might find a weapon, armor, etc. that would help you power up for your next adventure. Moreover, you can find these close to structures such as houses, stables, containers, objects, etc. Keep a close eye on your surroundings to ensure you make a great inventory.

High XP Missions

It may be hard to get them done, but completing high XP missions will help you level up your character fast. You get high XP missions every day that you can complete on the same day. Since leveling up will lead to higher and tougher missions, it’s better to gain XP to prepare your character for what lies ahead.

Closing Thoughts

Well, this much covers the basics that you’ll be needing to get started. If possible, you can also engage in ambushing your enemies during PvP fights that will give you a greater edge in the fight. Plus follow this guide to make sure your character gets amplified enough for a great stance ahead. You can also consult your company members regarding any build. Happy gaming!

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