LOL Worlds: Cloud9 advances to quarterfinals

Lol: cloud9 advances to quarterfinals

League of Legends has always been quite a fun game to watch and play, but when it comes to the competitive side of things, it gets a lot more intense than most would think.

Things can escalate quite quickly as the teams clash down the lane at max speed, and when both of the teams are incredible at what they do you can only guess just how fast a match’s fate can be decided right off the bat.

This is exactly what happened tonight after the latest match between Cloud9 and FPX. In case you didn’t know by now, FunPlus Phoenix has always been considered to be the fan favorites regardless of what tournament they entered.


They literally have always had the crowd backing them up, but this time they were going up against Cloud9, a team that most would argue is one of the top League of Legends teams in the world.

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Cloud9 are once again North America's biggest hope at Worlds - Dot Esports

Well, during the 2021 World Championship, the two clashed, and lo and behold, Cloud9 took the W and essentially moved onto the first place in Group A with an undefeated Group Stage.

Previously, the only other team to reach this level was DAMWON KIA, the team that many would argue that it is just as good if not even better than Cloud9’s lineup.

But, as far as we can tell the Group of Death is pretty much all up in the wind as nobody knows what’s going to happen next. DAMWON is said to take the first, while FunPlus Phoenix will take on the second.

The main difference between the two is definitely in the fact that DAMWON pretty much played for the win and they got it, doing exactly what they promised their fans they would do, while FPX had to swim around in the mud quite a lot to get to this point.

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While they are definitely amongst the better teams on this tournament, they still have had quite a bad performance throughout the whole year. Sure, they won a few of their matches, but after losing three games they were instantly sent off into the tiebreakers.

Cloud9 on the other hand have been on the rise as we all expected them to be, they took down Rogue and FPX and lost to DAMWON. Since they had the fastest win time though, they went through the tournament with ease. Steven “Hans Sama” Liv was definitely the player of the game though for sure.

Rogue tried their hardest to take down Cloud9 but despite having a very promising start, they couldn’t keep it up so they were quickly taken down by Cloud9.

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So, C9 will be going forwards into the Worlds 2021 Knockout Stage. Despite having what many would argue, the worst first couple of matches of their careers during the Group Stage, they lifted themselves up off of the ground and pushed through to secure the win.

Hopefully they keep it up because we’re definitely rooting for them for now!

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