How to play Valorant with a Controller?


Valorant took the world by storm back when it first came out, it was literally everything that gamers could ever ask for from an online FPS and more. It was the perfect blend of Counter Strike: Global Offense and Overwatch, and it’s been going strong ever since it first came out.

It definitely added a lot to the FPS community by bringing in what many would refer to as one of the best free multiplayer experiences of all time. It was actually one of the top FPS games on console too. But as time moves on more and more players have began switching over to PC.

So, if you’re one of those players that played the game exclusively on console and you just switched over to PC, you might feel like you’ve wasted a lot of time practicing and honing your skills on the controller and now you have to adapt to a whole new playstyle altogether.

Valorant tips and tricks

Don’t worry though, you can still keep on using a controller even if you are playing on PC and we’re here to help you set that up. We’re also going to provide you with controller mapping software that will help you get the most out of your game.

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First and foremost, a lot of computers nowadays need a third-party application that will help Valorant pick up the controller and recognize it all together.

You can do so using whatever third-party application you can find online, although we recommend going for the REWASD software since that one’s pretty much the one we’ve been using all this time.

But alas, if you want to get it you need to go to this page right here: 

After you’re done with that part you will need to map the key buttons on your controller. This process is pretty simple, so just follow these instructions and you’ll have them done in no time:

  • Open up the third-party software and search for your controller there
  • Sometimes you won’t see the controller right away, so instead look for the three striped icons that you can find on the right side of the screen
  • Next up just find and click on your controller
  • After you’re done your controller should work perfectly in game
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But as mentioned previously, you might also want to change the buttons around to make your gameplay easier. So, we recommend that you change the settings as follows: For the Plant Strike key go with “Y”, for the crouch button go for “B”, for the Reload make sure you select the “X” key, for ADS go for the “Right Analog Stick”, for the Primary Ability you’ll need to select the “D-Pad Up”, for the Secondary Ability go with the “D-Pad Right”, for the Tertiary Ability go with the “D-Pad Down” key, for the Ultimate Ability go with “D-Pad Left”, for the Character Movement obviously

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