How to Bet on Fortnite?

How to Bet on Fortnite?

Esports has grown a lot in the past few years. Gamers that were playing in their basement are now streaming on Twitch, showing off their gaming skills. Different games have become the apple of the eye for gamers and viewers. Fortnite is one of these games, which has risen to fame in a little amount of time.

From gamers to celebrities, it has attracted numerous people from around the globe. However, it has also attracted bidders that bet on gamers during Fortnite tournaments. The reason why betting on Fortnite has taken growth is because of immense popularity. Betting has also increased in the Esports industry, with people, including businessmen, celebrities, investors, etc. betting on different teams and players.

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Esports Betting Odds

It’s important you understand how betting odds work in Esports to make sure that you land the right bet. Esports odds work similarly to any other sports. Just like in other sports, you’ll be shown the odds of players that are participating in the tournament.

However, these odds are subjected to a change and will change as the tournament comes closer. For making sure that you place your bet on the right player, you need to observe the odds more closely. This happens when players also are known as underdogs have high odds; however, as the tournament approaches, they start getting momentum in their position. Hence, decreasing their odds.

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Similarly, you’ll find different odds for teams and solos. Odds for solo players will be higher since you’ll have to bet against a high number of solo players. On the other hand, you’ll find betting on teams easier due to a low number of opponents that you’re betting against.

Placing the Bet

There are two ways that you can use to place bets on Fortnite tournaments. These include Moneyline and Props


This is an easy wager. It works similarly to any traditional betting. You observe the player that is playing well. You see the player maintaining a progressing momentum in the game. Considering the progress, you deem the player worthy and place your bet on him. Based on the odds, you’ll place your betting price. If the player is successful, you’ll get the return based on the odds as well as your placed bet. In short, the Moneyline betting method allows placing a wager on the player you see winning.

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This type of betting comes with some assessments. There’s no pointing out of a single winner. Rather you’ll have to place bets on several factors. For example, you’ll have to place your bet on the top 3 players finishing the game. Similarly, you’ll place your bet on the player based on their region, their team, their gaming way (solo or duo), etc. You can also place a bet on the top three winning duos or teams that have participated in the competition.

Some Tips

Check out promo offers to make sure your bankroll doesn’t run out. Greed is a curse; make sure that you bet what you can afford. You don’t need to go in debt over a game. Ensure that you’re familiar with the game methods, player modes, etc. to make sure you don’t bet the wrong way

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