Dota 2: The best items for Riki

Dota 2: The best items for Riki

Riki is by far one of our all-time favorite characters and that’s a fact. Dota 2 has a ton of unique characters to choose from, but by far the most fun one we can think of is definitely Riki simply because of his invisibility.

Because of this he is very popular in PUBs, and even though he can still be counter picked quite easily, that doesn’t make him any less fun to use to say the least.

Regardless of whether you want to use him as a carry or a mid laner though, these are the top items that you need to make him super overpowered in game:

Drum of Endurance

First off let’s mention the Drum of Endurance as it is one of the best items for him to get after getting the Power Treads. It is a very affordable item that you can get to make his farming a lot better. On top of that, it is a very good way to make your Riki a powerhouse character in the mid game as well.

Hand of Midas

Although you may not realize it at first but Hand of Midas is actually a very good pick for Riki simply because it turns him into a full on carry the moment you get it.

The reason as to why the synergy is so good with it is because he is a very good character when it comes to his damage potential, but despite this he lacks a lot in terms of his farms. So, if you have the money for it definitely invest in the Hand of Midas.

Diffusal Blade

This is a universally acclaimed item for Riki because it makes him deal a lot more damage while also allowing him to get rid of certain buffs or debuffs depending on the current situation. On top of that it also decreases the enemy’s movement speed a lot which is great for Riki to deal his final strike with.

Skull Basher -> Abyssal Blade

This is a great combo as you can start off with the Skull Basher, getting it for around 2875 gold for that extra 25 damage and 10 strength alongside the stun option.

Later on however you can invest in the Abyssal Blade item to increase your damage even further which turns Riki into a really powerful carry.

Manta Style or Sange and Yasha

The reason as to why Riki is so powerful in game is because he deals a lot of damage while also having a lot of agility. This is why Manta Style is a great option for him, giving him two illusions to use in game and make himself even harder to take down.

Sange And Yasha is a great alternative to it as it can offer a lot of the same benefits so depending on the situation you can choose between these two and get an easy dub.

Black King Bar

This is a great item for Riki because if his invisibility is not enough to save his life, then the BKB will surely come in handy. While not a must for him, it still makes for a great option in certain scenarios.

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