Dota 2: Six of the most popular Arcanas

most popular Arcanas

Dota 2 is a game full of different Arcanas that you can pick from to make your character really shine on the battlefield. So, in honor of our collective love of the Arcana system we decided to bring you our six favorite ones in the game.

We should mention that some of these were only ever available when the game first came out through microtransactions. The community feared that this would make the game pay-2-win, but luckily the Arcanas that could be purchased back then were merely cosmetic additions to the game.

But alas, the Arcanas we wish to focus on for today are the real big hitters, the ones that actually matter for the sake of the game as they can buff up your character in terms of damage, movement speed, etc. So, without further ado, here is our first pick of the day:


The saddest part about Pudge is the fact that even though he was one of the most popular characters in the roster when he first came out, he only received an Arcana in April 2018. Even so, the fanbase was stoked to see Pudge get his own Arcana.

This Arcana goes by “Feast of Abscession” and it not only changes the visual effects on Pudge but it also changes his ultimate’s animation.

Ogre Magi

Ogre on the other hand is the type of a character that everybody loves when starting out, although later down the line he might be forgotten about because he’s not meta.

Even so, he received his own arcana known as Flockheart’s Gamble eventually and the cool thing is that it actually gives him a mount. On top of that, it changes up his animations a lot which is always nice to see.

Phantom Assassin

Phantom Assassin has always been one of the top picks for most players out there, which is why it was no wonder that by November 2014 he already has his own Arcana in the game.

The Arcana is known as the Manifold Paradox and it actually changes up Phantom Assassin’s critical strike. The moment you take down an opponent with it you will see it leave a Paradox Memorial behind which is always useful.


Juggernaut took some time to get his Arcana, but it eventually arrived as of 2017. It is known as the Bladeform Legacy, and although it mostly changes up his animations, it also has a version which changes many of the effects of his spells.

Drow Ranger

Drow Ranger actually received his Arcana back in December 2021, and you can purchase it yourself from the Steam Store. It is known as the Dread Retribution and it really changes up Drow Ranger’s design and animations.

Legion Commanded

This jungler/offlaner has always been a top pick for most players in the game, which is why it was to be expected that he would receive an Arcana eventually. It is known as the Blades of Voth Demosh and it was first introduced back in 2013.

It is mostly a cosmetic item, which is fine considering the fact that it came out way back in 2013 before they started adding different features to the Arcanas.

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