Best League of Legends Champions?

Best League of Legends Champions

If you are looking for the best League of Legends champions in the game right now, then you have come to the right place. The patch 11.13 dropped less than 24 hours and looking at all the buffs and nerfs, we will provide you comprehensive details of the recent changes. We will tell you which champion to use in each lane so that you can empower your opponents with your right champion pick.

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We are well aware of the fact that ranked matches in League of Legends have its fair share of ups and downs. The very idea of playing solo queue fills a player with a rollercoaster of emotions. In every game, a dedicated player is focused on giving his best performance to escape the jaws of defeat. And for this purpose they should be focused on picking the right champions. The champions that should win their respective lanes in all possible scenarios.

But aside from the lane dominance, the champions should be able to single handedly wreck havoc all over the map. The player should be able to take matters into their own hands and rely as much less as possible on their teammates. And this can be done easily by picking up the strongest champion in each role. This article has all the information you need to pick the perfect champion for each role that will help you gain LP.


If you like the idea of brutally dominating the game single-handedly then Darius is the perfect pick. Darius is the Best League of Legends Champions at the moment. The top lane tank is an absolute nightmare to play against. As he is a complete bully who gains damage over time with his Hemorrhage passive.

He might struggle a bit against ranged champions in the early stage of the game. Yet he can sustain his health with Q and with the new item Stridebreaker the players can increase Darius’s initiation range. The E of the juggernaut pulls opponents to their demise as well.

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Darius can be an absolute force to be reckoned with in the top lane and can easily split push without no fear of his opponents. He can attract multiple opponents which can waste time chasing him. This gives the team an opportunity to increase pressure in other areas of the map as well and tak objectives. Darius is also brilliant in teamfights and deals top tier damage.


Despite receiving some nerfs to her Tormented Shadow ability on monsters, Morgana still remains one of the Best League of Legends Champions. Probably the strongest junglers of LoL. She can still deal over 175% damage to the jungle monster and mixing it up with her heal gives her one of the best camp clearing skill sets.

The best quality of Morgana is that she is the best hero to play at all ranks and she is so simple to learn. She can clear camps in a matter of seconds and then gank every lane she wants with her Q, Dark Binding is one of the most feared abilities in the game. There is a chance that the opponent can dodge the projectile, but if the player executes it well, then the stun lasts for three seconds which is more than enough time to get a kill for your team and control tempo of the lane.

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The roots of Morgana are also very beneficial in teamfights and her spell shield is able to help the team to protect from CC damage. Her ultimate is one of the best stuns to lockdown every single player of the opponent team. Making Morgana one of the best initiators as well as teamfight controllers in the game.


Katarina has been the queen of the mid lane for as long as we could remember. And it seems like she is not giving up her throne anytime soon as buffs in recent patches ensure that he will continue to wreak havoc. Katrina is still one of the Best League of Legends Champions.

Katarina has been rated as one of the best snowballing champions in Lol. She just needs a handful of kills, to start roaming for one lane to the other and start eliminating enemies. Her nuking abilities make her a nightmare for squishy supports. If you are in low Elo then learning Katarina is the best thing you can do since most players won’t figure out where to follow her. Owing to her high damage and immense mobility, she is one of the toughest champions to play against.


Jinx is one of the easiest and most dominating champions in the bot lane. She is also rated by many pros as one of the strongest scaling champions in League of Legends.

Runaan’s Hurricane ability can cause havoc in the late game and the basic attacks of Jinx can absolutely destroy her opponents. And if someone tries to run then Jinx can catch them easily with her passive ability. Jinx does need time in the laning stage to establish herself. However if you are able to execute her abilities then you can easily put pressure on your opponents as well.

You will need to be patient and skillful in the early game, but when you get past that stage, you are just a bringer of death for your opponents. Owing to her popularity she has over 20% pick rate and enjoys a popular 52% win-rate in the bit lane. She has no escape abilities so learning to position her well in teamfights is crucial. 

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Leona is one of the best supports in the game. Individual champions stand no chance against her lockdown and she can also wreak havoc in teamfights with her stuns and her ability to absorb damage. This impressive pool of skills makes her very appealing to be a brilliant support to the ADC.

Leona is amongst the few champions that excel at all stages of the game. She is able to engage her opponents and make brilliant setups for the ADC that also help in snowballing the game. SHe can also control the tempo of teamfights which makes Leona easily the best pick for the bot lane.

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