Esports Betting Tips: Worlds 2020 Unicorn of Love vs Rainbow 7

Another very interesting game in the 2020 Worlds of League of Legends is that between the Mexicans Rainbow 7 and the German Unicorn of Love. All the best bookmakers see Unicorn of Love as favorites to win this match. Unicorn of Love vs Rainbow 7 Unicorns Of Love is a professional LoL team based in Europe. […]

LOL Worlds prediction LGD gaming vs V3 Esports

The League of Legends Worlds 2020 have started and there is already some interesting match to bet on. Bovada, Betonline, (very good if you want to use Bitcoins) are offering exciting odds for this competition, so let’s start and have a look! LGD gaming vs V3 Esports LGD will play against V3 ESPORTS. LGD […]

Riot Unveils Global Valorant Tournament

After the global success of Riot’s Ignition series, which sparked more than 25 Tournaments worldwide, Riot Games have essentially set a competitive E-Sports system surrounding new Shooter Valorant. And taking the success further, Riot has announced another, even more, ambitious series, dubbed “First Strike,” in the upcoming December. The new tourney is expected to highlight […]

Riot Hires Anti-Cheat ‘Vigilante’ To Help Clean Up Valorant

Hackers are a big problem for game developers as they affect the overall gameplay and disturb not only other game players but also the balance that exists in the game by making use of cheat codes that make the gameplay extremely easy for some players while others who do not use such cheat codes have […]

Who is Sabine in Valorant? A new agent, or something else?

Valorant players have been hearing the word “Sabine” for quite some time now. It is mentioned in the name quite frequently. But who is she really? Is she a new agent? Is it a code name? In this article, we will look for possible answers to all these questions. The in-game evidence suggests that Sabine […]

eSports Betting Tips Lol World Championship

This year has been especially barren for the entertainment sector as almost all major events were either canceled or postponed due to the pandemic during the earlier part of the year. However, the situation has improved now and the League of Legend World Championship 2020 is currently in full swing which is a piece of […]

VALORANT Mildom Masters betting prediction 09/23

Mildom Masters is a tournament organized by Mildom, where 8 invited Japanese teams compete. The eight teams competing are Absolute JUPITER, SCARZ, REJECT, CYCLOPS, Sengoku Gaming, FAV gaming, SunSister Rapid, and Connect Gaming. Today there are 4 matches of the VALORANT Mildom Masters. Absolute JUPITER vs FAV gaming JUPITER is the favorite of this tournament. They have […]

Overwatch All-Star Weekend dates and events announced

Every year the most talented players of the Overwatch League showcase their talent. Here the best individuals from Pacific and Atlantic divisions compete for supremacy in a series of events and games. There were some doubts about this year’s Overwatch All-Star weekend, but we are glad to inform you that it is taking place in […]

The new League of Legends Worlds song “Take Over”

Riot Games has just announced the new anthem of the upcoming League of Legends World Championship and it must be said that it’s amazing! Last year Chrissy Costanza created the world cup anthem: Phoenix The song was a collaboration with Cailin Russo, who is most famous for playing Justin Bieber’s love interest in a handful […]