Overwatch vs Valorant

Valorant is the new game of Riot Games, a game that is arousing a lot of interest, a game that people believe have a lot in common with Overwatch


Let’s start from the gameplay. Here the difference between Valorant and Overwatch appears clear. Valorant’s gameplay resumes CS: GO a lot. One of the two teams must place a bomb the other must avoid it. On the other hand, Overwatch has different missions. Another different thing is in Overwatch team play is very important, usually kills are done in teams while solo kills are more common on Valorant. Valorant has a phase of purchasing skills and weapons before the start of the round. Not only while in Valorant it is the weapons that ultimately make the difference in Overwatch it is the heroes that make the difference.


This is definitely the thing they have in common. In Overwatch they are called Heroes in Valorant Agents. All have unique characteristics that make them unique and very important for the team. In Overwatch the heroes have different attributes, for example Tanks have more health than the other characters. In Valorant instead each character has different abilities. But Weapons makes the biggest impact in the game

Weapons And Shields

One of the main differences are the weapons. In Overwatch there are special weapons but they are owned by the character, choosing that character you already have those weapons and shields in equipment. In Valorant, however, they are bought before the start of the game. There are six different categories of weapons: sidearm, SMGs, rifles, shotguns, snipers, and heavy. At the moment there are not many options but the more the game will go on and the more weapon options you will have in Valorant

Final Verdict

For many Valorant was the anti-Overwatch but I think this was not the Riot Games project. Valorant certainly has many things in common with the Blizzard game but also things that make the two games unique. For this reason Overwatch will continue to be successful while Valorant will continue to expand, probably taking fans from both Overwatch and CS: GO. Valorant has only one gameplay and this could be the game’s Achilles heel while Overwatch has different missions and this make the game different and always new.

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