Counter strike vs Valorant

Valorant, the new Riot Games game, is having a huge success. But does Valorant have characteristics similar to CS: GO? We can say without a doubt that Riot Games has definitely studied competitors trying to take the best out of them.

counter strike vs valorant

One of Riot Games goals was to make a game different from League of Legends, the other big game in the company but still successful, so it looked at games like CS: GO.

Valorant and Counterstrike have many things in common but also many different things.Riot Games describes Valorant as a tactical team-based competitive shooter, which puts it right up there with games like Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, and most importantly, Counter-Strike.


Like Counter-Strike, the match is a 5v5 where one side has to plant a bomb and the other has to avoid it. Whoever wins 13 rounds wins the game. There is the buy phase in which each team buys skills and weapons for the next round. The shooting mechanic is practically identical to CSGO so you have to stop to aim and run with knives or lighter weapons allowing you to move faster. Because of all these similarities, we have seen many players easily switch from CSGO to Valorant.


Each player is given only one life for their selected character, which Valorant calls Agents.
This is one of the main differences between Valorant and Counter-Strike.

Agents have special abilities
There are 7 ability:
Viper, a female agent with a deadly attitude
Sova, a male agent with a heroic look
Phoenix, an agent with fire abilities
Jett, the quick and light runner, similar to Tracer from Overwatch
Cypher, a bionetic cowboy
Sage, the healer, who’s similar to Mercy
Brimstone, the brawn

Weapons And Shields

Valorant’s weapons are much more futuristic than CSGO and therefore reminiscent of other games.There are six different categories of weapons: sidearm, SMGs, rifles, shotguns, snipers, and heavy. The choice options are still very few compared to CSGO which over the years have developed a very wide system of weapons and shields.

Tick ​​rate server

Riot has announced that Valorant will be playable on 128-tick servers and this is twice the size of CS: Go this should guarantee a smoother game and give greater stability to the various matches. Obviously, being released in 2020, Valorant from a technical point of view can have advantages compared to a game released years ago

Final Verdict

Valorant has many things in common with CS: GO. Riot was clearly inspired by one of the most successful eSports but added other things taking inspiration from Overwatch. The characteristics of the agents in the futuristic setting are different things from CS: GO. In addition, the better tick rate server should ensure a smoother and more practical game.

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