Esports Comparison

There are a lot of different eSports out there, so what are the difference between this games? Some games have a lot in commons and this is the reason why some professional players have switch from one game to another without losing that much

Counterstrike vs Valorant

Conuterstike and Valorant have a lot in common. Riot tried to produce a game that had the best features of the most successful eSports of the moment and at the same time by making a completely different game than League of Legends.

Overwatch vs Counterstrike

Overwatch is together with Fortnite the game that has revolutionized the world of eSports in the last year. Surely Blizzard took inspiration from Counterstrike but the differences between the two games are quite clear and evident.

Overwatch vs Valorant

Riot wanted to produce a different game from League of Legends and was undoubtedly inspired by the game of Blizzard. There are many things in common. Valorant likes it because it takes the positive things of Counterstrike and Overwatch by putting them together successfully

League of Legends vs DOTA 2

League of Legends e Dota 2 are two very similar games. They are Massive Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs) that dominates the world of Esports. They have a lot in comune. If League of Legends is hugely popular in Asia, Dota 2 is more played in the United States and Europe. Dota 2 is the Esports with the highest prize pool compared to all other games, this is determined by the game’s subsidy system.

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