Overwatch vs Counter strike

Counter strike is one of the first eSports game. His success has been incredibile. For this reason Blizzard tried to create a game similar to CS:Go. Overwatch have some characteristic of CS:Go but have added things to make it different and maybe better


Overwatch and Counterstrike are both a tactical team-based competitive shooter in a team of 5 players. But the gameplay is very different. Counterstrike has only one mission while in Overwatch you have different object to achieve. In Overwatch every Hero have different skills and weapons while in CS:GO you buy different type of weapons to make your agent different. Another different thing is in Overwatch team play is very important, usually kills are done in teams while solo kills are more common on Counterstrike


While in CS:GO all players are similar in Overwatch every Hero have different skills. Tanks have more health then others. Every hero have unique skills and unique weapons and shields. Heroes are divided in class: Tanks, Support and Damage. When you pick a hero you have to play that class.

List of Heroes in Overwatch

Ana –
Ashe –
Bastion –
Brigitte –
D.va –
Doomfist –
Genji –
Hanzo –
Junkrat –
Lucio –
Mccree –
Mei –
Mercy –
Moira –
Orisa –
Pharah –
Reaper –
Reinhardt –
Roadhog –
Soldier 76 –
Sombra –
Symmetra –
Torbjorn –
Tracer –
Widowmaker –
Winston –
Wrecking Ball –
Zarya –
Zenyatta –

Weapons And Shields

This is a another big difference between the two games. In Overwatch weapons and shields comes with the hero you pick in CS:GO you buy them and any player can use them. You have a buying phase where you have can buy weapons and shields. You have to be very careful and think about manage your budget.

Final Verdict

Blizzard create a game that is unique, is it similar to Counterstrike? Yes there are some things in common but Overwatch is very different and this one of the reason of the great success of Overwatch. Adding Class made the game very different from CS:GO

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