Overwatch vs Counter Strike

Released way back in 2012, Counter Strike Global Offensive was one of the first true eSports games and still remains one of the most popular to this day. In fact, its success has been quite incredible. And it’s because of this lasting popularity that Blizzard tried to create a game similar to CS:GO. But while Overwatch shares many characteristics with CS:GO, the gaming giant has added a number of features which makes Overwatch different, and maybe even better than Counter Strike.

Overwatch vs Counter Strike – Gameplay

Overwatch and Counterstrike are both tactical team-based competitive shooters featuring teams of 5 players. At the gameplay level, however, the two titles are fundamentally different. While Counter Strike has only a single mission, Overwatch featues numerous different mission objectives. What’s more, Overwatch’s heroes all boast individual and vastly different skills, while CS:GO’s gameplay variety relies on purchasing different weapons and equipment in order to endow characters with separate attributes.

Another fundamental difference between Overwatch and Counter Strike Global Offensive can be found at the team-play level. While Counter Strike often features an “Every Man for Himself” approach, Overwatch is far more team-oriented, with solo kills being comparatively rare.



As we said above, in CS:GO all players are similar whilst in Overwatch every Hero has a different skillset. So for instance, Tanks have more health than other character classes.

Overwatch Heroes are divided by class:

D.va –
Orisa –
Reinhardt –
Winston –
Wrecking Ball –
Zarya –

Ashe –
Bastion –
Doomfist –
Echo –
Genji –
Hanzo –
Junkrat –
Mccree –
Mei –
Pharah –
Reaper –
Soldier 76 –
Sombra –
Symmetra –
Torbjorn –
Tracer –
Widowmaker –

Ana –
Brigitte –
Lucio –
Mercy –
Moira –
Roadhog –
Zenyatta –

When you pick a hero you have to play that class.

Weapons And Shields

Here we have yet another huge difference between the two games. In Overwatch weapons and shields are supplied ready-made with each hero you pick. By conrtast, CS:GO lets players buy a wide variety of weapons and gear that any player can use. There’s also a buying phase where players purchase weapons and shields, before every match.

And while this might make Overwatch seem overly restrictive on the weapons/shields-front, this fact is easily overcome by the game’s vast array of different heroes. Conversely, CS:GO’s purchase-based model forces players to be extremely budget conscious and careful about their in-game equipment choices.

Final Verdict

Blizzard created a game that is similar to Counterstrike, but at the same time quite unique. It’s a FPS, so yes, there are going to be some commonalities between the two titles; however, Overwatch is also decidedly different from a gaming perspective, and this one of the reasons for its great success. Ultimately, adding Classes added that “certain something” to Blizzard’s esports contender. We like it a lot.