Valorant Betting Sentinels vs XSET

valorant Sentinels

Valorant has finally launched official tournaments in 2021, Riot Games has raised the level of competition and some fantastic games are coming out. Being the first real year of competition there is great balance and it is difficult to understand who is the real favorite in these tournaments. The first major tournament in the United States is the Valorant Champions Tour NA.

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In the Lower Round 3 of the Valorant Champions Tour NA Sentinels are playing against XSET. The Sentinels before losing to Envy had streaked 6 consecutive victories and were considered by experts as the favorites for the final victory of this tournament. Despite the defeat against Envy they immediately got back on the road reaching the semifinal at the bottom of the board.

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After the excellent victories against 100 Thieves Sentinels morale will be very high, plus this is practically a final and when playing decisive games the Sentinels usually have always played their best. For this reason we are convinced that they will win again today. They also need to win today to show to everybody that they are really the best Valorant team in North America.


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