T1 vs DragonX betting prediction April 1st

Dragon X

It looks like both of these teams can’t co exist as good teams in LCK as during the start of the split DragonX was on the seventh sky and there were talks of them being the third best team in Korea while T1 was at the bottom of the standings and dealing with roster issues. However, things can’t be any more different now, as T1 are undefeated since they started playing their veteran roster and DragonX are struggling even against teams that haven’t even qualified for the playoffs.

T1 are looking like the best team in Korea right now with the way they are dominating their opponents but DragonX will still have a way out of this series and that’s their jungler Pyosik. The DRX jungler has been pivotal to their victories this season and was also the player with the most player of the games won this split. If DragonX are able to draft a team composition that will allow Pyosik to stay relevant in all phases of the game then they will definitely have a chance to take down the best team in the history of LCK.

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Prediction: T1 3-1 DragonX

Hecatim and Udyr might be the two most prioritised champions in the drafting phase but it won’t be surprising if we see the likes of Kindred and Karthus coming into play to catch the opponent off guard.


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