MSI LOL Royal Never Give Up vs betting prediction 05.06.2021

Royal Never Give Up vs

Here we are, Royal Never Give Up vs ! The MSI Invitational 2021 finally kicks off. It starts on Thursday 6 May immediately with 6 games. The first major international League of Legends tournament kicks off and there is so much to talk about and many interesting matches to follow every day.

Royal Never Give Up vs

The third match of the first day of the MSI Invitational 2021 sees Royal Never Give Up against The winner of the LPL Spring 2021 against the winner of the LCO. We all know that the Chinese league is one of the strongest in the world, second perhaps only to the Korean league. This is why Royal Never Give Up are the favorites of group A. Recall that Group A is the only one with 3 teams as GAM eSports was unable to reach Iceland due to Covid-19 problems.

Interview with Royal Never Give up: "We'll be facing KT Rolsters with  willingness to learn." - Inven Global

Royal Never Give Up have won the LPL and are among the favorites for the final victory of the MSI Invitational. won the LCO the Oceania league. The main news regarding is that it will be the first team to introduce a female player, Diana “DSN” Nguyen, to the MSI Invitational. Nguyen will be the backup support.

Who will win the game?

There is no big doubt about who will win this match. Royal Never Give Up is definitely the favorite, not just for this match but to reach first place in Group A. Half a disaster would have to happen for Pentanet to win this challenge.

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Where to bet?

There are 3 bookmakers we recommend for betting on League of Legends if you are in the United States. BetOnline, Mybookie and Bovada. 

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BetOnline covers pretty much all the eSports you know and has a very interesting entry bonus. BetOnline has been around for 20 years and is one of the best bookmakers out there. Trusted and fast in payment. We love it because offers different odds for Call of Duty. Sportsbetting.Ag is the Skin of BetOnline the odds are the same the Bonus a little bit different.

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Mybookie if you love bonus then Mybookie is your place. with Mybookie UP TO $1,000 SIGN-UP BONUS 50% of your first deposit in free plays. Mybookie offers you all the Overwatch League, Counterstrike and the covers all the League of Legends leagues.

Bovada is number 1 in the United States, Bovada means maximum trust. It is not allowed to bet in all states of the United States so he checks before betting. What I like about Bovada besides the maximum safety are the quotas. In eSports it is difficult to find better odds than those offered by Bovada.

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