LPL Betting Predictions and Picks for March 14th, 2021

LPL Spring 2021

LOL Team WE vs Suning

Team WE is the clear frontrunner going into the series, having outperformed Suning in every category this split. Suning, on the other hand, would not enter the game with that attitude, instead of hoping to defeat the current sixth team on the leaderboard.

The two most critical players in this series will be Suning’s SofM and Team WE’s Beishang. Both junglers are likely their team’s best players, and they’ll be expected to repeat their performance from last week..

Suning Gaming’s ADC Huanfeng will have to be very cautious about his role in teamfights, as he still isn’t playing at the level expected of him despite an excellent outing against Rogue Warriors earlier this week, when everyone else seems to be in peak shape.

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Suning should choose champions like Caitlyn and Ashe for him because they will help him in all phases of the game, which is just what he needs to defeat Team WE.


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Royal Never Give Up vs JD Gaming

Every LPL fan should be looking forward to a matchup of two of the best support players in the league right now. Both JD Gaming’s LvMao and RNG’s Ming are key playmakers for their teams and offensive opponents, but their styles are drastically different.

Ming is the perfect example of controlled aggression while LvMao and JD Gaming are consistently forcing things around their bottom lane dragons in the hope of securing an early lead.

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Rather than banning champions they don’t play, JD Gaming should ban Lillia against RNG in order to force their jungler Wei to play something like Graves. We’ve seen RNG regularly pick Lillia and win teamfights at the end of the game thanks to Wei’s genius skillshots, but if he can’t have that kind of control in skirmishes, RNG would be vulnerable.


LNG Esports vs Oh My God

LNG Esports are still in a comfortable position and have their fate in their own heads when it comes to the playoffs race but they need to take this series and attempt to fix their problems from the red side. They have played 13 games on the red side this split but have only won 3 of them which is quite a shocker for a promising roster like theirs. Oh My God on the other side are on the opposite end of the spectrum as they have got more wins on the red side and have won only 2 out of the 11 they played on the blue side.

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This contrast might play a very interesting role in this series and attention should be given to what side these teams start off the series with as OMG are going to get the side selection in the first and third game of the series and would very well look to play from the red side itself which is a direct counter to whatever LNG is trying to do this season.


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