LPL Betting Predictions and Picks for March 12 2021

LPL 2021

eStar Gaming will play against LGD Gaming on Friday two teams that have really struggle so far. They both need to win to improve but who is the favorite? After that FunPlus will take on ThunderTalk, FunPlus had a good season so far and wish to continue like that but TT desperately needs to win.

EStar Gaming vs LGD Gaming

The two strugglers of the LPL will be taking on each other to register a win. Both teams have had a terrible season so far with eStar has only won 2 out of the thirteen games played while LGD has only won two out of the nine games played. Both are in terrible forms at the moment and will be putting in their best efforts to get a much needed win.

Top Betting Esports Prediction

It is difficult to decide the winner but we give the edge to LGD because eStar is on a much bigger slippery slope with a ten-game losing streak and there is surely no coming back from it.



FunPlus Phoenix vs ThunderTalk Gaming

FunPlus Phoenix has had a solid start with eight wins in twelve matches. While ThunderTalk Gaming has only two wins to show in 11 matches, They are on a five-game losing streak and this statistic is more than enough to predict the winner of this game.

Top Betting Esports Prediction

FunPlus is the clear favorite here, we should push and bet on the 2-0 win for FunPlus.


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