LCS Cloud9 vs Team Liquid Betting prediction

Team Liquid vs Fnatic

The clash between the two best teams in LCS will be on everyone’s watch list this week but unfortunately, the tie has been really underwhelming this season as Team Liquid have always come out on top at the end. Cloud9 has definitely improved throughout the season but they still need to get more things going their way compared to Team Liquid if they want to win and book a place in the finals without worrying to play in the lower bracket.

Cloud9 must not allow Team Liquid to play through the top side of the map and shouls look to split the map at any cost because Team Liquid are at their best when they are playing through their top laner Alphari and grant him a lot of resources. There will be added responsibility on the shoulders of their jungler, Blaber and mid laner, Perkz to help their side lanes while winning their own match up. It is easier said than done but this is a world class roster and is definitely capable of successfully pulling this strategy off.

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Our betting Prediction: Cloud9 2-3 Team Liquid

Team Liquid on the other side should also help their own ADC, Tactical to gain an early lead over his counterpart and can play the game without falling behind as he is often their main damage dealer.


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