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As far as betting goes, there are plenty of Esports to invest if you want to make a quick buck off of them. The only problem with this is that a lot of these games appear to be losing in traction, they literally start off strong and within the same year the money that you can win from them is halved and you’re left with very little payoff to come out with.

StarCraft II - Sito ufficiale

This is why so many people have started to go back to the classic Esports that have literally withstood the test of time, because you always know what you’re going to get. StarCraft II is one such timeless classic, one that has literally managed to float above the surface level even when everyone else from its era was sinking deep down under.

Being one if not the most popular real time strategy game out there has definitely helped the community stick together even with the appearance of other more attractive titles over the years. So, with that being said, if you do want a surefire way to win bets every year from, where do you get started with StarCraft II?

Learn the Game

First and foremost, if you don’t have any experience with StarCraft or specifically with real time strategy games then you need to get accustomed and you need to do it fast. The truth is that when it comes to StarCraft there is a lot to learn, and you can only do so by either checking out the Esports matches yourself or better yet, by playing it in your spare time.

The better you understand the game, the easier you’ll find it to actually predict which team is going to win and by how many points as a whole.

You can also check out several different guides on the internet that can help you get the ins and outs before you start placing your first bet. Trust us, there is no better way to ensure that you’ve made your money back and then some.

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The game requires coordination and multi-tasking skills that even some of the top players in the world tend to be lacking in every now and then. You get a one-on-one match that foresees a huge asset of armies being sprung up against each other, spread across three to five different maps on which the battle will commence.

It’s not easy to do, each player has a base and 12 workers, and the player will need to choose what strategy they opt for to destroy their enemy’s base. You can either play a more defensive game and manage your resources for one devastating attack that you bet your whole match on or you can spread out a series of attacks meant to destroy your enemy’s defense, winning one battle at a time before actually taking down the enemy’s base for good.

Character-wise you will be controlling the high mobility and amazing defense Terrans that deal low damage, the Protoss which do a ton of damage but cost a lot more to create and the Zerg which are very cheap to make but they do little to do damage per unit.

Balance all of this out and you will be the winner of the set. Follow those steps enough times and you can apply for the Esports. Outsmart your opponent and you too can be an Esports winner. If not, you can still just bet on the matches you personally believe you know the outcome to. 

What Bet Types Are Available?

Here is a comprehensible list that should help you better understand what you’re putting your money into:

  • Match Winner – You are essentially placing your bet on the result of the match, aka on the player that successfully destroyed the enemy’s base and took them over. While the naming may differ based on the faction the enemy has decided to base their team on, what this means is that the match ends when the winning side has taken down the enemy’s “Command Center, Nexus or Hatchery. Depending on which players were battling it out, your odds can differ greatly, although for the most part you’ll get a fair share of money from them.
  • Map Winner – As opposed to the Match Winner selection, betting on the Map Winner means you’ll be betting on which player takes over one or more of the maps in question. As mentioned previously, there are three to five maps per game, so if your specified player has successfully taken over a map for the whole duration of the match then you will have won the bet even if the player has lost the game.
  • Correct Map Score – This is one of the toughest bets out here, mainly because it is a lot harder to guess than any other bet on this list. You can easily bet on the match winner based on the player’s background, win/loss ratio and performance throughout the season, you can guess which map the player will be opting for too since they have done so this whole season, but choosing the right map score is a whole different story. We recommend not going full in for this type of bet, although if you do get it right you do have the opportunity to make the most money from this as a whole.
  • Outright Winner – This is probably the most popular betting you’ll see in StarCraft II. You will be betting on who wins the whole tournament not the match itself. This can be very rewarding and very hard to guess, but the amount of money coming from it will definitely more than suffice.

Where to Place Your Bets?

There are plenty of bookmakers out there to choose from and that’s a fact. While they may all seem the same at first glance, we still recommend going for the most advantageous ones to make sure that you make the most money out of your bets. Here are the most profitable ones we always opt for ourselves:

  • MyBookie
  • BetOnline
  • BetUs
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