Fredit Brion vs Liiv Sandbox betting prediction

Fredit Brion

There are two matches this Saturday in the Korean League. Here are our Betting Predictions and Picks for March 20th, 2021

Fredit Brion vs Liiv Sandbox

Fredit Brion and Liiv Sandbox had late wins into the season to still keep them in contention for the playoffs and could very well still secure that final spot for themselves.

The key thing to look out for will be how well the two top laners play and how much their junglers and mid laners help them during the laning phase. Liiv Sandbox have shown a tendency to play around their top laner Summit in most of the games they have played this season due to how inconsistent their bottom side has been but Fredit Brion often leave their top laner, Hoya to his own and trusts him to not give away anything to the opponent while playing weak side of the map.

Prediction: Sandbox 2-1 Fredit Brion

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In a way, this clash will be determined by how resilient the Fredit Brion defence will be against Sandbox’s incredibly aggressive early game attacks.


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