Esports Betting Tips Suning Gaming vs DAMWON Gaming prediction

Suning Gaming vs DAMWON Gaming

Esports is currently a global phenomenon since some big tournaments are taking place at the moment. The majority of the competitions are taking place this time of the year due to the delays in the regular schedule because of the pandemic. One of them is a League of Legends final of the much exciting Worlds championship 2020. 

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Suning Gaming vs DAMWON Gaming (Best of 5 match)

With a sweet mix of veterans, who take the lead in games, and rookies, Suning has proved to be a force to be reckoned with. SofM creates pressure in the jungle, very aggressive, he can now count on constant information from his teammates to effectively counter the camps of his opponents and be on the front line, for better or for worse, during team-fights. SwordArt and huanfen are forming remarkable chemistry with each other and Bin and Angel have continued to progress throughout the year. The top laner is also the one with the most advance in XP at the 10th-minute mark (+306) and the highest damage per minute (590) compared to the other top laners in the competition.

Suning may not have thought of getting there, but voila, they are in the grand finale. Admittedly, they are clearly a small thumb because of DAMWON, but they have been impressed since the start of the competition. With less pressure on their shoulders, they could perhaps afford more exotic things, and why not, surprise the Korean opposition and lift the world championship.

So far Damwon Gaming has shown that it has the best macro game in the tournament. While some spectators prefer bloodbaths, the Koreans have shown that you don’t always have to kill opponents over and over to gain the advantage. With the help of skillful rotations and perfect control of the objectives, they can gain the upper hand over her opponent without him realizing it. We will not speak again about the individual strength of the other players, but know that Damwon Gaming has formed a team of Avengers.

Prediction: Suning Gaming 3-2 DAMWON Gaming

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