Esports betting tips – How to bet on DOTA2

How to bet on DOTA2

Dota stands for Defense Of The Ancients and is know as a Multiplayer Battle Online Arena (MOBA). Different teams face each other on the PC, and in recent years, a whole professional scene has established around the popular game. In this article, we show you how to place Dota 2 bets.

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Dota 2 offers these types of bets

There are often long-term bets on big Dota 2 tournaments, such as: Who wins the competition. Also, you can bet on each game individually, even in small scale tournaments.

The following types of bets are often available:

  • Win bet: Which team wins the Dota 2 game
  • Match handicap: Often -1.5 and +1.5: The team tapped with -1.5 must-win 2:0. If a team with +1.5 is guessed, it may even lose with 1: 2.
  • Total number of Maps: Over or under 2.5. Most of the games are played in a best-of-three format,  where the team that wins two maps wins the game. If you tap under 2.5, you bet that a maximum of two maps will be played. The opposite is the case with Over 2.5.

In addition to these main betting options on Dota 2 just mentioned, there are often other betting options:

  • Maps winners: Here you tap who wins the respective map
  • The first team that …: Here you can bet on which team will first destroy how many barracks/towers or kill Roshan
  • Kills: Here you can bet on who gets more kills
  • First Blood: A popular type of bet where you guess who will get the first kill.

How do I benefit from Dota 2 betting?


You can play Dota 2 yourself for free and master the basic knowledge of the. If you are already one and know your way around, you have an advantage over the betting providers, since some of them are not familiar with the game.


Betting providers focus on the sports that are bet the most, for example, crick betting. The odds on Dota 2, therefore, do not always ideally reflect the level of performance. So you can get a comparatively high quota for your favorites. In general, the knowledge advantage over the betting providers pays off in that you can “beat” the odds.

Live betting

With Dota 2, live betting is not only possible, but it’s fun too. Many bookmakers offer live streams on Dota 2. So you can watch the game and bet directly in the same window on who wins, who gets more kills, etc. … Also, you can benefit from Dota 2 live betting, provided you follow advice 1 (expertise).

Best Dota 2 betting providers

Here are three best Dota2 betting websites:

Mybookie: It is one of the best and the oldest names in Dota2 betting. It provides exciting betting markets and also formulates decent odds.

Xbet: It has a reputation for providing plenty of bonuses and also offers great odds. One of the stands out features of the sites is its wide range of cashout methods.

Bovada: Is amongst the most trusted and secure Dota2 betting sites. With fast payouts and numerous betting markets.

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