Betting Predictions DragonX vs Liiv Sandbox

Dragon X

DragonX have nothing to lose in this series but Liiv Sandbox would definitely want to end the season on a high and probably be still in contention for the last remaining playoff spot through tiebreaker scenarios. It will definitely be a war from Sandbox’s side but that doesn’t mean DragonX players will just allow them to win the series.

There is a identity clash as Sandbox like to play through their top and mid duo but DragonX are playing from the side wherever their jungler Pyosik is able to find any meaningful advantage. Sandbox are too restricted and DragonX is a far more flexible team than them when it comes to trying different things in game which can definitely play a huge part in this series.

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Prediction: DragonX 2-1 Liiv Sandbox

Sandbox will be looking to put all of their eggs in the basket of their top laner Summit considering how impressive he has been in the last couple of weeks. They will try to pick something like an Aatrox or maybe Gangplank for him through which he can not only apply a lot of pressure in lane but also be a teamfighting threat later on in the game.


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