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The Esports industry was one of those industries that became affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. Before the pandemic in Spring 2020, Valve was planning to organize The International and the Dota Pro Circuit. However, the organization of these two competitions was dependent on the condition of the pandemic.

Valve and organizers that were interested in organizing these events would only be able to do so if the pandemic would’ve been controlled. However, during summer, the volatility of the pandemic grew resulting in a halt for the competitions since all international flights were grounded and mass lockdowns were imposed in almost every country.

The primary reason for postponing the events was the inability of creating a model that would suit the time and protective measures. Even if The International was to be organized, it would’ve resulted in the introduction of a point decay system, which wasn’t favorable in the mid of the season.

Apart from that, the organizers that were connected with the event reported issues regarding the quality of the broadcast to be lower due to the pandemic. Keeping all these issues in mind, Valve decided to hold off the events until a suitable environment and a model to cope with the pertaining can be achieved.

Moving Forward

One idea that was proposed was to collaborate with third-party organizers to organize these events. Since Valve wanted to approach both events coherently, it was necessary to have someone that would organize the events safely as well as offer entertaining broadcast for the fans. Though this approach hasn’t opted for many years; however, it seems like to be the only option keeping in mind the pandemic.

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The reason behind so much criticism was the lack of communication with the fans. However, Valve came up with a strategy that would allow bringing the competition into reality. For the upcoming season, Valve decided to include four third party events and leagues in EU/CIS events.

3 will be organized in China while others have not been decided yet. Moreover, event organizers are considering casters and fans from around the world. However, considering the pandemic, event organizers would surely need a lot of financial support to get things done. The preparations are underway and once a model is proposed, fans, teams, and players would be communicated instantly.

Event Date

Considering the event preparations, we can anticipate the Dota Pro Circuit to be organized in the opening months of 2021. Valve wants to move with DPC that would allow framing the necessary elements for Majors as DPC concludes. However, there will be spontaneous restrictions imposed to keep safety measures high.

Apart from that, The International can be expected in Stockholm during August 2021. The decision has been made based on time savings; however, other countries are also kept as a backup so that events can be organized within restricted time frames. Community streamers will be allowed to provide their feeds when receiving the official license from DotaTV Feed and Dota 2 Tournament organizers. Casters are required to coordinate immediately with the organizers to avoid any last-minute issues.

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