Fnatic vs Virtus.Pro Betting Predictions


As comprehensively discussed, Fnatic is in the best shape heading into the competition. While seeing the recent form of Virtus.Pro, it is no deny that the team will be aiming to win the entire competition. The remarkable results were achieved by the team owing to some great performances by YEKINDAR. The youngster has achieved a remarkable record of averaging a 1.28 hltv rating in the past three months. And also averages a very respectable 91.5 damage per round.

It is fair to say that he completes his objectives of each round, and owing to the consistent stars like YEKINDAR the Virtus.Pro team should aim for success in the future. In the meantime, Fnatic players have struggled to find consistency and will surely pay for in the group stage of the ESL Pro League.

Prediction: Fnatic 0-2 Virtus.Pro


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