New Valorant agent Chamber revealed abilities & release date

Are you ready? Are you truly ready? Can you 100% say that you are mentally prepared for this news? Well then, ready or not, the French Sentinel’s coming your way! Riot Games have finally released a statement in which they claimed that a new Valorant agent will be showing up soon enough and his name […]

How to become a PRO in Valorant?

It is no secret that top players in esports make millions of dollars every year. The esports industry has excelled to new heights in recent years, and it’s not surprising that an online professional athlete makes $ 600,000 a year. The term “professional gamer” sounded like a fantasy a few years ago, but times have […]

Valorant Agent Guide Killjoy

Killjoy is a Sentinel-class agent in Valorant. She is a genius mind that assists the team with her innovations including a robot turret, an Alarm bot, and grenades. Coming from Germany, she really is one of the favorite picks of many players due to her very useful utilities. She was the second agent released after […]

Valorant Agent Guide Viper

Viper is a Controller class agent in the fan-favorite tactical FPS, Valorant. Coming from the United States, her abilities are built around poisonous chemical devices enabling a very unique and fun gameplay style too. She is one of the most underrated agents in the entire game and her creative abilities not only deal damage to […]


Omen is a Controller class agent in the hottest tactical FPS in town, Valorant. Omen is one of the most interesting agents in the entire team as his abilities are very useful and self-sufficient and also unlike other agents, Omen’s origins are unknown. Omen’s abilities are built around shadows and he’s often referred to as […]