Valorant Absolute Master betting prediction

The new game of Riot games is one of the most popular eSports of the moment, a lot of professional gamers have moved from other games to Valorant. This week there is one of the first Valorant tournament on which you can bet on so let’s try and see if there is something interesting. Valorant […]

Watch the Valorant SEA Invitational this week

Covid-19 might be blocking some eSports at the moment but Riot Games is pushing ahead with a Valorant tournament. It was announced on June 26th and will be taking place next week Saturday on July 11th. The SEA exclusive event is for Southeast Asian players with players from all over the South-eastern area such as […]

Valorant will get six new agents a year, as Riot teases agent 12

On 29th June, the Executive Producer of Valorant, Anna Donlon gave us a comprehensive look into the future of the title in a video released by Riot Games. In the video, Donlon explains the differences between Episodes and Acts, she also gives us a tease about the next agent arriving with new game modes. In […]

What is Valorant? How to access the closed beta

Riot was the first to believe strongly in Esports by launching League of Legends. A historical game but also a game that has been around for many years now. In 2019 Riot had announced the launch of another game Valorant, but nobody could have expected such a success. Although still in Close Beta Valorant has […]

Brussen leaving Overwatch for Valorant?

Boston Uprising just announced that the off-tank Brussen is leaving the team. Is Brussen leaving Overwatch for Valorant? This are the rumors spreading. Another player leaving Overwatch to join the new Riot game. It wouldn’t be the first one, it’s probably won’t be the last one. Boston Uprising confirmed that Thomas Brussen is leaving the […]

Jacop Pyth Mourujarvi is leaving CS:GO for Valorant

Jacop Pyth Mourujarvi, former member of Ninjas in Pajamas, has decide to retire from competitive CS:GO to move to VALORANT. In his statement Pyth said that “For 9 years now I’ve been competing in CS:GO and today my career as a professional CS player officially comes to an end.” “Grinding 12 hours a day this […]