Riot Hires Anti-Cheat ‘Vigilante’ To Help Clean Up Valorant

Hackers are a big problem for game developers as they affect the overall gameplay and disturb not only other game players but also the balance that exists in the game by making use of cheat codes that make the gameplay extremely easy for some players while others who do not use such cheat codes have […]

Who is Sabine in Valorant? A new agent, or something else?

Valorant players have been hearing the word “Sabine” for quite some time now. It is mentioned in the name quite frequently. But who is she really? Is she a new agent? Is it a code name? In this article, we will look for possible answers to all these questions. The in-game evidence suggests that Sabine […]

VALORANT Mildom Masters betting prediction 09/23

Mildom Masters is a tournament organized by Mildom, where 8 invited Japanese teams compete. The eight teams competing are Absolute JUPITER, SCARZ, REJECT, CYCLOPS, Sengoku Gaming, FAV gaming, SunSister Rapid, and Connect Gaming. Today there are 4 matches of the VALORANT Mildom Masters. Absolute JUPITER vs FAV gaming JUPITER is the favorite of this tournament. They have […]


Omen is a Controller class agent in the hottest tactical FPS in town, Valorant. Omen is one of the most interesting agents in the entire team as his abilities are very useful and self-sufficient and also unlike other agents, Omen’s origins are unknown. Omen’s abilities are built around shadows and he’s often referred to as […]

VALORANT Betting: GGTech VALORANT Invitational 2 Rainbow 7 vs Infinity

In the GGTech VALORANT Invitational 2, we reached the Grand Final. Rainbow 7 will face Infinity in the tournament hosted by GGTech which is a part of the IGNITION SERIES. VALORANT has become one of the emerging eSports games in the last month and the popularity keeps growing. If you would love to start betting on VALORANT but […]

Valorant Agent Guide: Breach

Breach is one of the most powerful Initiator class agents in the game. He is a human-bionic hybrid who is equipped with some serious arsenals on his body to deal some serious damage and interruption to the enemies. Coming from Sweden, he marks his specialty as an over-powered agent as all his abilities are castable […]