‘I’ve received proof:’ TimTheTatman is offered on legendary Warzone 2 ‘skill-based hit registration’

[ad_1] Along with skill-based matchmaking, which has more or less been proven in Warzone 2, followers have suspected the battle royale title additionally has a ‘shadow function’ they’ve began calling skill-based hit registration. Primarily, it refers to the concept that it turns into tougher for gamers to hit enemies with bullets in the event that […]

TimTheTatman’s ‘one-shot’ shotgun loadout in Warzone 2 is as filthy because it sounds

[ad_1] Lask week, Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar was assured he’d discovered the most broken loadout in Warzone 2. This week, nevertheless, he’s discovered one other one which may take the cake. It’s all in regards to the Bryson 800. Shotguns aren’t for everybody. However Tim stumbled throughout the right loadout to make it reliably ‘one-shot’ nearly […]