LOL Team Liquid vs TSM Betting Predictions 04.10.2021

There is so much history between these two as they are the most successful teams in the history of LCS. Team Liquid will be looking to get their revenge against TSM for knocking them out of LCS last summer, while TSM will look to defend their crown and head into the finals against Cloud9. The […]

LOL G2 Esports vs Rogue Betting Predictions 04.10.2021

When the split started, everyone had this game as the final of the LEC but they are going to meet in the semi finals after losing to MAD Lions. There are so many questions around both of these teams recent perfomances but Rogue are definitely heading into the game with more momentum on their side […]

Damwon Gaming vs Gen.G Betting Predictions 04.10.2021

In the LCK we finally reached the final. Damwon Gaming will fight against Gen G for the title. A match between the two best team of Korea a match that should be relly exicting to see. In this article we are going to provide you our betting prediction Read Also: the history of Gen G […]

League of Legends Betting Predictions and Picks for Saturday 04.10.2021

It’s going to be a huge Saturday for League of Legends fans. 3 amazing matches will be played. Damwon vs Gen G, G2 Esports vs Rogue and Team Liquid vs TSM Damwon Gaming vs Gen.G When the season started no one really expected them to make their way into the finals, but they absolutely defied […]

LCS Cloud9 vs Team Liquid Betting prediction

The clash between the two best teams in LCS will be on everyone’s watch list this week but unfortunately, the tie has been really underwhelming this season as Team Liquid have always come out on top at the end. Cloud9 has definitely improved throughout the season but they still need to get more things going […]

LEC MAD Lions vs G2 Esports betting prediction

A week ago no one would have expected MAD Lions to find their way into the semi-finals to set up a clash with G2 Esports but they deserve to be hereafter one of the most impressive team performances this split in LEC in their victory over Rogue. MAD Lions jungler Elyoya and support Kaiser have […]

LNG Esports vs Suning Gaming betting prediction

When the season started no one expected LNG Esports to reach the playoffs but they were resilient in their pursuit and managed to qualify as the last team in the playoffs. Suning Gaming on the other side are going to be the definite favorites and LNG Esports need to bring something extraordinary to beat them […]

LEC Fnatic vs Schalke 04 betting prediction

Schalke 04 shocked the world last week when they almost took down G2 Esports. They only lost due to the immense amount of healing Rekless with his Seraphine pick provided to his teammates in the last game of the series. We have consistently seen Schalke 04 improving in the drafting phase throughout the split and […]

Invictus Gaming vs Rare Atom betting prediction

Rare Atom are slowly cementing their place as a very good mid table team in LPL this season, and has shown throughout the split that they can defeat anyone if they are allowed to play through their mid laner FoFo. Invictus Gaming on the other side has been a hit or miss. They are either […]