‘Lifeless to me’: NICKMERCS goes in on Hasan after streamer’s feedback on Dr Disrespect

[ad_1] It has been almost two weeks since NICKMERCS posted the controversial tweet on June 7 in his response to a Pleasure Month protest. Now, two extra widespread streamers have gotten embroiled on this controversy. Nick’s original tweet stating “They should leave little children alone,” received a lot of flak online. It even led to […]

“What the fuck occurred to Carlos?” – ex-G2 boss Ocelote embarrasses himself for Andrew Tate

[ad_1] Former G2 CEO Ocelote is a giant fan of Andrew Tate. On Twitter, he now embarrassed himself by making an attempt to share a clip of streamer HasanAbi with out context Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez turned out to be a supporter and good friend of troubled entrepreneur Andrew Tate in 2022. His relationship with the […]