Best eSports tournaments in August 2021

The world of esports continues to produce thrilling action throughout the year. Each month we get to see our favorite esports athletes compete for Supremacy in prestigious gaming tournaments. However, it can be difficult to keep an eye on the action since there are so many competitions happening each day. And we are aware that […]

LOL Guide: League Of Legends Tips And Tricks

League of Legends has been the most popular game on the planet for the past 10 years. As such, it receives many changes and updates weekly. For ongoing players, that’s amazing because it brings freshness to the game. On the other hand, it makes it harder for new players to get into it. Many of […]

Cryptocurrencies, beware of the Pump and dump

There are so many ways to make money with cryptocurrencies is the Pump and Dump an effective but not correct way to make money with Crypto. There is a strong link between eSports and Cryptocurrencies, in many cases in a positive way, in others, unfortunately in a negative way. What happened recently with some members […]

Best League of Legends Champions?

If you are looking for the best League of Legends champions in the game right now, then you have come to the right place. The patch 11.13 dropped less than 24 hours and looking at all the buffs and nerfs, we will provide you comprehensive details of the recent changes. We will tell you which […]