EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Summer Cup Series, the new future for FIFA

EA announced EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Summer Cup Series will bring the top-tier stars of the competitive scene back in action starting July 17 until August 9. It consists of six online regional tournaments that invite top players from across the world. Football (soccer) is the most famous sport in the entire world and it […]

David Beckham Confirmed as Major Investor in Guild Esports

Ex-Manchester United and England legend David Beckham has officially made a major investment in Guild Esports. The gaming organization is based in London and aims to attract more investors shortly. Guild esports in a new startup, under the ownership of Blue Star Capital PLC. Its objective is to make a big impact on the UK […]

Top esports games in 2020

When you think of Esports you don’t have to think of guys playing video games in their bedroom but of well-paid professionals who compete worldwide in the most important video games of the moment. There are international competitions that offer big prizes and these guys train every day for hours to participate in these tough […]

Fortnite will be released on PS5 and Xbox Serie X at launch

Fortnite will be released on PS5 and Xbox Serie X at launch said Epic Games. Fortnite will have significant improvements in the game thanks to the next-gen hardware and features on the new consoles. Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, have announced details of the new Unreal Engine 5 showing in running on a Ps5. […]

StarCraft II and Warcraft III competition will change

StarCraft II and Warcraft III competition will come back this June and there will be big changes. ESL announced that “we’ve installed an increase of over 75 days of competition across both titles compared to our original planning. We’ve made changes that players, fans & community members can get excited about”. As expected the competition […]

Overwatch week 15 Hero ban: Mei and Orisa out

Overwatch League have announced the heroes that will be ban for week 15 and there are some big names out. Mei and Orisa are out this week. Taking out Orisa removes the opportunity for “bunker” compositions which create defenses that are tough to break This will probably mean that teams will have to add to their […]

Ubisoft Announces a new Rainbow six Siege League

With the current COVID-19 situation going on, the esports scene has taken quite a hit. Some of the biggest esports tournaments and other gaming events have been postponed, some have even been canceled completely. With all of this going, the current atmosphere has been quite low. Well, that is all going to change as Ubisoft […]