Activision Partners with MFAM Gauntlet Call of Duty: Warzone Tournament Series

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The creator of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the battle royale title Warzone, Activision has officially announced to partner up with the popular Twitch streamer and FaZe Clan member, NICKMERCS. They have decided to sponsor and promote Nick Kolcheff’s MFAM Gauntlet Warzone Tournament Series.

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In addition to becoming an official, recognized event, The MFAM Gauntlet Warzone Tournament has now been bolstered with many changes and upgrades.

The first development has come out in the form of the prize pool boost. The previously 50,000$ pool prize has now been doubled to 100.000$. And then, after that, the monthly recurrent event has been switched into a week based series. Where the competing teams are composed of amateur gamers, professional E-sports seasoned players, celebrities, and even pro Athletes. This tourney will engage in different game modes in the Warzone, and qualifiers from these small matches will then compete in the final event each week.

The relevant prize hauls for these weekly events are yet to be set, and since now Activision is getting involved, we are noticing massive expansions to the event happening behind the scenes.

But what we do know is that, the first week of the tourney is set to start with the qualifier at 3 p.m. EST on Monday. And the main event will take place at 4 p.m. EST on 15th July. Both of these events will be broadcasted on Twitch on MFAM Gauntlet’s official channel. A pre-show for the event called, The Armory has also been announced for the stream.

Another essential feature of this tournament is that NickMercs will be using this tournament to promote Call of Duty Endowment funding, which is a charity organization that introduces retired, Military Veterans to High-grade jobs, basically helps them secure a reliable source of income.

The MFAM Gauntlet Tournament started in April as just a small event by NickMercs for his followers with just a 4,500$week pool prize, and only in June, the prize pool was a staggering 50,000$.  The viewership of the event has also grown significantly since its start, and the finals in June accumulated 212,000 concurrent viewers.

Being the 4th most viewed channel on Twitch, in the last 30 days, NickMercs is on the 12th spot for most viewers, averaging in about 38,226 watchers worldwide. NickMercs is the 15th most followed channel on Twitch and has over 3.7 million dedicated followers.

His viewership has been spiking up since the start of 2020, and just after Warzone launched, he immediately became the biggest Warzone streamer on Twitch. His Warzone streams adjust around 44,000 to 54,000 viewers each stream, and since the commencement of his new tournament series, his viewership is steadily growing. And rightfully so, he has some of the biggest streamers, and other platforms competing in his tournaments.

What started out as service by NickMercs for his fans has grown into something massive in a surprisingly small amount of time and with the event exploding in popularity with Activision sponsoring it. MFAM Gauntlet is becoming the biggest Call of Duty: Warzone tournament in the world.

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