Scump On Being A Team Oakley Athlete

Scump just went through an elaborate interview detailing his career as a Team Oakley Athlete and his overall performance in COD: Vanguard. In case you didn’t know by now, Seth “Scump” Abner is pretty much widely regarded as one of the very best Call of Duty players that has ever joined the roster and that’s […]

Optic and Envy complete merger, forming Optic Texas

In case you’re not aware of it by now, two of the largest orgs we have ever had the opportunity of seeing in Call of Duty have finally decided to merge in order to give birth to a new top team that we’re extremely excited to see in action by the name of OpTic Texas. […]

Vivid joins Florida Mutineers ahead of 2022 CDL season

Big news in the Call of Duty league as one of the top players of the game now changed sides going to the Florida Mutineers as of 2022! That’s right, in case you haven’t been keeping up with the latest Call of Duty news, there have been a lot of talks regarding the OpTic Dallas […]

How to get the flash drone in Cod Mobile season 9

In case you didn’t know by now, Call of Duty Mobile: Season 9 has just recently released a new piece of tactical equipment that has definitely taken the world by storm. With season 9 came a ton of new features including new maps and even new weapons that players have been incredibly stoked to use […]

Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 9 – How To Unlock The Swordfish For Free

Call of Duty: Mobile has a brand-new burst assault rifle that they’ve been boasting around with for a while now, and they recently made it completely free for users that want to get it. Do you want to be one of those users? Then keep on reading because this will definitely make your day. Since […]

OWL and CDL (COD League) could abolish salary caps

The OWL (Overwatch League) and the CDL (Call of Duty League) imposed a law that changed everything. Like other competitions in North America, the leaders of both leagues decided to impose a salary cap and a luxury tax. Other competitions, such as the NBA or the NFL already had these rules. And the idea was […]

Could Cloud9 enter the Call of Duty League?

The Call of Duty league has just ended and we are already talking about free agency. Many players will change teams this off-season, we are ready for shocking changes. But there is news that could really surprise the Call of Duty League fans. The Call of Duty league is made up of 12 teams currently […]

COD betting OpTic Chicago vs New York Subliners Betting prediction

The second match of the Call of Duty playoff is OpTic Chicago vs New York Subliners. The success of OpTic Chicago can be attributed to Brandon “Dashy” Otell. The star player is currently ranked second in the list of best slayers as he holds an impressive 1.15 kill-death ratio. Our Prediction Who will win: Chicago […]