Unikrn Wins 2020 EGR Esports Operator of the Year Award

Unikrn Wins 2020 EGR Esports Operator of the Year Award
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Also known as the Oscars of the electronic gaming sector, the EGR Operator Awards are the most prestigious in the industry. The ceremony was conducted virtually for 2020 awards due to the pertaining pandemic situation around the globe. Unikrn, an online Esports betting operator was rewarded as the best Esports operator of the year award.

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Apart from the operator of the year award, Unikrn also secured the EGR wagering innovation of the year award earlier this year. The amazing workability of Unikrn with its unique content and customer facilitation are the major reasons behind the company’s success. It has put up unprecedented technologies, attracting major B2B distribution agreements, and is looking forward to expanding in the market. 

This isn’t the first time Unikrn has won this award. Established in 2014, this is the company’s second consecutive award, which makes it an even more compelling choice for people looking for Esports betting platforms. The company acquired its betting license last year and has won almost every award in the category.

Another interesting element about Unikrn is that it’s the longest operating Esports first bookmaker in the world. It’s also the first one to win this award after offering legal video game betting in the US.

Microgaming and Unikrn Partnership

Reviewed by EGaming Review, which is the leader in gambling journalism, it got nominated for the award back in 2019 based on its self-owned IOM license. The robust excitement platform for Esports, Unikrn is beyond ordinary Esports bookkeeping. From watching matches to enjoying streams, playing games, and professional analysis, the platform surely provides a treat for the gaming community.

Atari Partners with Unikrn

Unikrn has live betting options that are available 24/7, 365 days. It also features the world’s leading gaming utility token that people can use for buying or game development. Not to mention it has partnerships with some of the leading platforms, including Unicorns of Love, Dotabuff, etc.

Popular game titles that Unikrn allows betting on include Dota 2, Fortnite, League of Legends, CS: GO, etc. Apart from that, it’s now focusing on other traditional sports and brings the deepest odds with markets for numerous other matches.

The Unikrn Virtual consists of a fresh watch and bet matches that are never delayed and refreshed every minute. This makes it easier for people to place their bets on games and sports without having to miss out on any action.

Another amazing element that puts Unikrn ahead of other competing betting platforms is that it brings real-time odds with stream interpreting AI. One gets to watch professional streamers live and place bets as they place. The exclusive curation of the matches allows people to bet on countless Esports and traditional sports matches, which makes Unikrn the center of all options.

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Back in 2019, it also partnered with Unicorns of Love in a $50k partnership quest for hunting new Esports talent. This included streamers to enter CS: GO rosters based on the skills that they would display during their streams. Overall, Unikrn has certainly done a lot to achieve this award and is expanding further to keep its streak going.

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