Unikrn new bonus! Double up 200% on your first deposit


Unikrn is one of our favorite eSports Bookmakers. Not only for us as they recently won the 2020 EGR Esports Operator of the year. They cover all esports events, not only the most important. If you want to know more about Unikrn read our honest review.

Unikrn offers you more. Now there is an incredible deposit bonus. Now Unikrn Double up your first deposit. Yes! You put 150$ they double it up so you have an extra 300$. That’s amazing! If you haven’t opened an account with Unikrn now is the best time to do it!

Open an account, deposit 150$, and get 300$ for free! Remember this applies only for your FIRST deposit. The minimum amount you have to deposit is 10$ the maximum bonus is 300$ so the suggestion is not put more than 150$ when you do your first deposit.

Umode – Making money playing games

The dream of all gamers is to make money playing games. Thanks to Umode now this is possible. No, it’s not one of those programs that you pay to become a professional egamer, this is completely different and it’s really great. You don’t need to be a professional gamer, you just need to play games. With umode you can earn money playing games and place bets on their own matches. It’s great isn’t? Umode is the only player vs house skill betting platform that allows esports gamers to back themselves

Get this incredibile offer open your Unikrn account now!

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