What is UMode and why you should try it

What is Umode?

One of the most renowned esports technology companies, Unikrn has launched UMode. But what is UMode? It is a new dimension in the world of gambling since it is a player vs house betting platform which allows users to make skill-based wagers on video games.

The UMode platform enables users from all over the world to place bets using in-game matchmaking and statistics. It is operated via a blockchain-based backend and is currently live all over the world.

At the time of this writing, Unikrn is the only betting company in the industry that holds a  crypto gambling license from the Isle of Man. This license enables the company to allow spectator and player based betting on competitive esports matches and as well as on players’ gameplay. This surely takes professional gaming to the next level and also paves the way for a new application for blockchain. This means that every single bet will be secure, safe, and fair.

It allows users to bet on normal matches within games. It doesn’t put up player vs player bets since it harms the bettor’s odds. Instead, the player wagers on whether he/she can complete a certain objective in a game. In the UMode they will first set up the betting conditions, then place their wagers, play the match and see if they have won the bet. Let’s have a look at why we should give it a chance.


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Why should you play UMode?

Fair Odds

UMode offers fair odds to the players since it is based on the gameplay history and doesn’t need a lot of participants to place a wager. As we mentioned earlier, it works on the player-vs-house model which cuts out negativity, wait times, and offers quite reasonable odds. Unikrn aims to provide an exciting fair and revolutionary betting experience to the passionate gaming community.

It’s safe and secure

You can gain access to this mode through UnikoinGold bets. It works via real money and Unikrn’s platform utility tokens. Each member that signs up for the UMode will have to go through the anti-money-laundering procedures. The mode can only be available to those who pass the security checks and have legal betting age.

Big names have invested in Unikrn

Unikrn is financed by some of the renowned personalities and companies in the world including  Lerer Hippeau, Tabcorp, Indicator Ventures, Shari Redstone of Advancit, Mark Cuban, Elisabeth Murdoch’s Freeland Capital, Guy O’Seary from Sound Ventures, Ashton Kucher and many more. It exhibits the fact that the platform is legit and has high-potential to make its mark in the gambling world.

Gamers trust Unikrn

The UMode certainly fulfills their requirements. This is a big breakthrough in the traditional skill betting and we won’t be surprised if it becomes the most popular betting trend by the end of 2020.

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