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offshore bookmakers

Offshore bookmakers are usually licensed in jurisdictions such as Antigua, Panama, Costa Rica or Curacao, sometimes even Seychelles. Many of these sites are 15-20 years old, and although they are not licensed in the US, their reputation is often flawless (even if that doesn’t apply to 95% of offshore bookmakers).

You have to be very careful, because nowadays anyone can open a website and get a license in a country and accept bets. Bettors do not have the opportunity to visit the headquarters or to verify that the company behind it is serious or not. Obviously, the bettor sees a website and cannot understand whether it is valid or not, also because now everyone can create a site that appears to be of quality.

Now the difference is made by the software, the quality of the odds and above all the speed of payments and the assistance service. Licensing and banking are the so-called brands of a reliable offshore bookmaker.

Where does offshore sports betting originate?

Offshore bookmakers originate from England, the home of bettors, offshore bets are born thanks to Gary Bowman who opened the odds to American football, the aim was obviously to accept bets from American bettors using English laws. Things will go well for Bowman but others realized the formula was winning and tried to replicate Bowman’s success.

Global boom in esports betting will continue post-pandemic

Success prompted Bowman not to limit himself to just the NFL but to take bets on other American sports. The Americans themselves thought of imitating Bowman. The problem was that gambling was illegal in the United States, only in Nevada was it possible. How can the problem be stemmed? The solution had been given by Bowman. An American bookmaker has decided to open an office in the Dominican Republic. There, it was possible to accept bets from US customers, away from the intriguing eye of the US government.

Internet revolutionizes the market

We are talking about the 80s when there was still no internet, bets were not made online, with the arrival of the internet, things expanded even more. Before the sites were text only and you could not bet but you had information on how to do it. More and more betting sites opened in areas such as Antigua, Panama and Costa Rica accepting American bettors.

In the years that followed with the improvement of the internet and its speed, some titans of the sector arose who used the internet to finally accept the first online bets. With superior resources, these bookmakers have made their sites more aesthetically pleasing, more functional and just plain better.

In 2000, offshore sites increased so much that every day it seemed like a new betting site was popping up. Each site covered more and more sporting events and offered more and more interesting odds.

Reputation is the key

The big problem is that many of these sites weren’t really trustworthy. Others may accept bets but when they start winning too regularly they close their account or limit you. Choosing was difficult, finding a serious and reliable bookmaker had become increasingly complicated. Many enticed by irresistible bonuses and crazy odds have opened accounts on scam or untrustworthy sites.

Things have sprung up reviews and various review sites. Why not trust people who opened an account at that bookmaker and started betting? The problem is that many reviews were fake, like on Amazon, and some complacent sites kept publishing this fakes reviews.

For this, we must be careful where we look for information. For this reason, we have chosen for you the best offshore bookmakers that guarantee you maximum security. Opening an account with them is easy and above all safe. We are talking about bookmakers now with over 10 years of experience. Bookmakers who have never had problems with customers.

In short, here you will find here constantly updated and reliable reviews on offshore bookmakers.


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Even if it’s a very young Bookmaker MyBookie is the best Bookmaker in the US market. Unbelievable Bonus! MyBookie offers a lot of options in Esports
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Betonline.AG is to be considered one of the best online Bookmakers. Not only for the US market but in general. The odds are very interesting and the bonus are incredibile. There are plenty of options for Esports betting
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GT Bet is one of the best Bookmakers in the US. Very reliable and fast payout makes it one of our favorite Bookies. Very interesting sign up bonus
Welcome Offer (Crypto) 100% Cash (up to $300)
If you want to bet in Esports using Bitcoin is the right place for you. Crypto bonus are great and you have a lot of different esports to bet. Payout and deposit in Bitcoin are fast and without fees.
signup bonus 50% up to $ 1,000 is one of the best Bookie in the market. This Bookmaker offer incredibile bonus and is one of the most trusted on the market. The odds are probably the best you can find. Huge selection of Esports from LOL to NBA2K
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Xbet is the little brother of Mybookie. Unlike a few other online casinos and online sportsbooks, this bookie provides full 24-hour customer services, available seven days a week and throughout the year Very fast payout a lot of esports to bet makes Xbet one of our favorite bookmakers.
Sign Up Bonus: 50% Up To $200
Intertops was the first bookmaker in the world and is very very reliable. If you have to start this is probably the best place for you. The odds are sharpe but you have interesting bonus all year long.
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