Esports Betting State by State

in May 2018 This Supreme Court decision dissolved a federal ban on sports betting. States can now decide whether or not they want to legalize the activity. After New Jersey’s Supreme Court victory, any state that wishes can legalize sports betting. In this page, we will update the situation in each state of the United States of America

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Esports gambling seemingly falls under the umbrella of the sports betting legislation. However, it’s treated somewhat differently than sports wagering. Every state in the US has a different situation. In some Betting is legal in others aren’t. This page will keep track of the situation of all the 51 states of the United States


The first state to allow legal betting in the US Nevada is a mature market that has existed for decades.


Delaware was the first state to launch sports betting outside of Nevada short after the PASPA ended.


When the court ended the PASPA New Jersey was one of the first states to legalize sports betting in May 2018.


The state of Mississippi is officially open to sports betting. All you are required to do is bet on sports by visiting a sportsbook.


We have exciting news for the betting enthusiasts of West Virginia. Since after years of struggling, sports betting is finally legalized in the state.


On 16th August 2018, New Mexico legalized sports betting. This approval officially marked NM as the sixth state in the country to offer legal betting to the public. 

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