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Bookmakers news are fondamental. One of the secrets to successful betting is to study and learn. Getting to know the teams, getting to know the bookmakers, getting to know the tournament. If you know it’s easier for you to win. If, on the other hand, you rely on the house, then it is very easy to lose money.

Being updated on all the latest news on the various bookmakers can be the key to success. Knowing that bookmakers offer the best odds for League of Legends can push you to open an account with them. Finding out that another bookmaker offers all CS: GO tournaments if you are a fan of that game can help you choose the right bookmaker for you.

And then there are the bonuses, many bookmakers offer many interesting bonuses. Here you can find out which ones are best for you. Not only that, some bookies offer bonuses at certain times of the season, here you will find all the best bonuses of the moment and all the best news on bookmakers offering odds on eSports.


How to Master Underdog Betting

If you’re just starting out your journey in the online sports betting niche then you should probably know all of your options before you make that initial first step towards winning big. This is why we always recommend looking over the basics of the simple two-way bet before you do anything. We have always supported the idea of underdog/favorite betting…

How to Turn Free Bets into Cash

If you are looking to make a little extra dough on the side without having to spend a lot of money in the process too then free bets might be the best choice for you. The only problem here is that most people assume that simply going for free bets will get them money, which isn’t the case. In order…

Entain buys Unikrn

Investing in eSports is an increasingly important trend. More and more companies are understanding the importance of eSports and how important it is to enter this ever-growing sector, especially in the new generations. Bookmakers are also increasingly opening up to eSports. All the major bookies have opened a section to eSports. But there are those who have gone further, some…

Blacklisted Bookmakers Everything You Need to Know About

If you are keen on placing an online bet on a sporting event you always need to keep a lookout for blacklisted bookmakers and that’s a fact. There are certain companies out there that have been blacklisted for a very long time now, and putting more money into them will not do you any good. Read Also: 5 reasons why…

5 reasons why You Should Bet on eSports

We all love the feeling of betting money on our favorite team and seeing that team go farther than ever before. In this article we will provide you 5 reasons why You Should Bet on eSports. But, with the new generation showing less and less interest in traditional sports and more so in the online industry it’s pretty clear that…

Betting with Bitcoin in eSports

Betting with Bitcoin in eSports it’s very easy. There is a strong link between eSports and Bitcoin, a strong link. A bond is an advantage for many bettors. Already in this article, we have listed the advantages of betting with Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in general. If you have Bitcoin you know that at the moment there aren’t many things you…

How to open a betting account

How to open a betting account with an online bookmaker? Follow these steps and you’ll find opening a new account will be quick and easy. Choose the bookmaker The first thing to do is to choose the bookmaker on which to open the account. By now there are many online bookmakers, it is good not to register on the first…

Why is better to Deposit using Bitcoin

Deposit using Bitcoin is worthwhile and a lot too. In this article, we will try to make you understand Why is better to Deposit using Bitcoin Online bookmakers accept more and more types of payment. You can open your account and deposit money using a Credit Card or Paypal or other forms of deposit. They are all very valid options…

How to avoid rollover requirements?

It seems crazy but in some cases, it is better not to accept the bonuses offered by online bookmakers to avoid rollover requirements. Some bonuses are fantastic and it’s good to don’t miss them, others have hidden “traps” that will make you regret catching them. The rollover problem Do you know what Rollover is? We talk about it in-depth here.…

What is a Rollover?

How many times we see a great bonus on a new bookmaker and we think about opening an account with them? Often, but we have to look a little bit deeper and check what the rollover of that bonus is. Often bonuses are offered for new people to invite them to open an account and make the first deposit. Normally…

MyBookie Crypto Rewards Program

Mybookie is one of the best bookmakers out there In this article we are going to tell you about the MyBookie Crypto Rewards Program. We consider it one of the best and you should read our review to understand why. One of the reasons is definitely the bonuses that Mybookie offers. Having also seen the other bookmakers, we can say…

Sony in the Esports Betting

Is Sony getting in the Esports Betting? It sounds strange but this is what can be deduced from a new license obtained from Sony. The world of eSports has been growing dramatically for years and so the world of betting immediately looked at this new business with interest maybe Sony is thinking to find a new way of making money…

How to Make Money Betting on eSports

If you have missed the next “Big Thing” you have to read this article to learn how to make money betting on eSports. With a viewership bigger than Stanley cup, Wimbledon or Masters and prize funds of over $219 million, E-sports is quickly becoming the Next Big Thing! Even still, not many are aware of this, but there is serious money flowing through the E-sports industry. The…

Bovada Esports why you have to try it

Many of you may already know Bovada, others may not. But many don’t know that Bovada has dedicated a lot of space to eSports. The bookmaker born in 2011 has quickly become one of the best and safest bookmakers in the American market and has opened up to eSports. 1 Read Review Signup bonus 50% up to $250 Visit Since…

The best Offshore bookmakers

Offshore bookmakers are usually licensed in jurisdictions such as Antigua, Panama, Costa Rica or Curacao, sometimes even Seychelles. Many of these sites are 15-20 years old, and although they are not licensed in the US, their reputation is often flawless (even if that doesn’t apply to 95% of offshore bookmakers). You have to be very careful, because nowadays anyone can…

Philadelphia Eagles partners with Esports Entertainment Group

The Philadelphia Eagles have named Esports Entertainment Group (EEG) as their official provider of eSports tournaments, a first for a National Football League (NFL) franchise. The multi-year partnership will see EEG organize biennial competitions played on EA Sports Madden NFL title, with the gaming-focused betting company using its Esports Gaming League platform. EEG will also leverage player imagery, the company…

Only in February 200% deposit bonus with GGBet

If you love betting on eSports or want to try for the first time to bet on eSports then you have to try GG.Bet. One of the most asked questions is Is GGbet legit? GGBet is a betting bookmaker born in 2016 and mainly dedicated to eSports of which it covers all the main tournaments and markets. The brand is…!

New Loot.Bet bonus get 100% bonus!

Loot.Bet has always been considered one of the best esports bookmakers in the world. Few bookmakers cover as many esports as Loot.Bet. It is not yet present in the American market, but in the Asian market and in other European countries it is one of the leaders in the world of eSports. Now there is a New bonus you…

The best eSports Bookmakers

50% Welcome Bonus up to 1000$
Betonline.AG is to be considered one of the best online Bookmakers. Not only for the US market but in general. The odds are very interesting and the bonus are incredibile. There are plenty of options for Esports betting
Signup bonus 50% Up To $1,000
Even if it’s a very young Bookmaker MyBookie is the best Bookmaker in the US market. Unbelievable Bonus! MyBookie offers a lot of options in Esports
Welcome Offer (Crypto) 100% Cash (up to $300)
If you want to bet in Esports using Bitcoin is the right place for you. Crypto bonus are great and you have a lot of different esports to bet. Payout and deposit in Bitcoin are fast and without fees.
Get 3x Your Deposit – Deposit $/€20 Play with $/€80
The dream of all gamers is to make money playing games. Thanks to Umode now this is possible.
Signup bonus 50% up to $250
Since December 2011, Bovada has been offering online betting experiences like no other. Bovada has never missed a payout, so expect to get paid – fast.

Top Feature for Bookmakers News

  • In-play Betting – All this website gives you the chance to bet live during the match. betting in play allows punters to hedge bets and react to whatever is happening in real-time.
  • Early Cash Out – A new feature that a lot of new bookmakers offer is to Cash out before the match finish if you are winning. This will offer you the chance to cash out and avoid losing money
  • Live Streaming – Watching in live streaming is a great experience, all of these bookmakers offer live event streaming for most of the event, some of them offers also Sim Sports event that you can follow live on their Twitch channel
  • Guaranteed Best Odds – Here you will find the best eSports Betting Site and the bookie that will offer the best eSports Odds available in the market.

Our best eSports betting Site

Click and read our review and find the Best eSports betting site. All these bookmakers have been tested and have excellent results. We have also check that Esports is a big part of their offering. MyBookie is our favorite because not only have a wide range of Esports Betting option for you but can offer an incredible bonus that makes it really a good option for you to start with.

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