Top five supports at the League of Legends World Championship

League of Legends world championship is just a week away, and finally, there won’t be any more delays. So in preparation for the 10th LoL Championship, where some of the world’s best players are expected to make appearances. Let us take a look at the top 5 League of Legends Support players and see what […]

Chicago Huntsmen Signs Dashy for Call of Duty League 2021 Season

Gaming rosters are subjected to changes. There are times when teams need shuffling and want to make amends either due to player shuffling or when players want to leave. Whatever the reason, adding and losing players from rosters is done with the utmost consideration. There’s a balance between teammates, which is the key to success […]

eSports Betting tips – Prediction ASIA PLAYOFFS Round 1

The Overwatch League is in its last stages now with the match between London Spitfire and Chengdu Hunters scheduled to take place on the 4th of September 2020. The match will be live at 09:00 AM GMT for viewers that are interested in catching the action live. Fans and enthusiasts of both sides are super […]

eSports Betting Tips – Valorant Mildom Masters

Mildom Masters is a tournament organized by Mildom, where 8 invited Japanese teams compete.  Citing the release published by as the official partner for Mildom Masters, the eight teams competing are Absolute JUPITER, SCARZ, REJECT, CYCLOPS, Sengoku Gaming, FAV gaming, SunSister Rapid, and Connect Gaming. They will compete from August 20 to October 1 2020, in […]

Boston Uprising vs Houston Outlaws eSports Betting

Finally, we reach the last week of the Overwatch League 2020 regular season. This season had its fair share of ups and downs but was full of exciting and entertaining games. Some teams have truly stepped up to deliver big results while some have failed miserably. Today, we will look at some games the last […]