eSports Betting Tips: Bovada NFL SIMS 9/19

One of the most interesting emerging markets is NFL SIMS. Here you can bet on AI simulated matches between real NFL rosters. Bovada (read our review here) offers every day NFL SIMS matches where you can bet. Why should you bet on Sim Sports If you come from sports betting, betting on Sim Sports will […]

Esports Betting Tips – How to Bet on Overwatch

Overwatch is a popular eSports title with a massive fanbase. Although this E-sports title is much younger than other E-sports Titans like Dota, CSGO, League of Legends, etc. Overwatch is known for its extremely competitive gameplay and, even more exceptionally balanced game design.  Overwatch’s is a very simple game, and the stable Hero play makes […]

eSports betting tips – Valorant matches 17th august

Valorant is making huge waves in the esports industry. The game is currently in closed beta but that is not stopping it from getting into the world of competitive gaming.  There are plenty of competitions every now and then and one of them is the Cyber Games Arena VALORANT Pacific Open/Finals. We will look at […]

What is The Valorant Battlepass

The developers of Valorant have recently come up with a unique way of rewarding players that spend time in the game with specialized cosmetic items that can be used by players for customizing their gameplay. Such rewards are made available to players by the Valorant Battlepass which is particularly important because all modern-day games offer […]

What Are The Overwatch Contenders?

The world of Overwatch esports majorly revolves around the Overwatch League. In the League, teams from all over the world represent their respective cities and compete for millions of dollars. However, the Overwatch esports is a lot more than just the League. The majority of the players compete in the Contender’s League before their talents […]

eSports Betting Tips: Overwatch prediction Friday 7th august

The Overwatch League is all set to end with a bang. Since the teams are fighting tooth and nail to claim the last remaining points of the regular season. This season, some teams have utterly disappointed while some have proved to be a force to be reckoned with. In this article, we will work out […]

Microgaming and Unikrn Partnership to Merge Online Casino and Esports

Currently, the growth of the esports industry is faster than ever. Esports gained most of its popularity with the massive competitiveness and exposure games like Starcraft and Warcraft got in South Korea. Viewerships grew by each day and until it gained mainstream attention. Currently, with a fast-growing viewership of over 500 million, it has grown […]

Jon Spector shares update of Overwatch 2020 season

Jon Spector, the Vice President of the Overwatch Esports made a big announcement on 10th July. On Twitlonger, he provided all the news regarding the future format of the competitions and Hero Pools for the latter half of the 2020 Season. Tournaments Update He started his post with the fact that the organization is happy […]