Valorant Agent Guide: Cyper

Cypher is a strong Sentinel agent in the game. Coming from Morocco, his abilities mainly focus on getting intel on enemies and their locations. His abilities reveal enemy players and even crowd control them. He’s also heavily picked and loved by most pro players and his skillset and difficulty earns him a spot at tier […]

Esports betting tips – How to bet on League of Legends

How to bet on League of Legends? Well League of Legends is a computer game (Windows, Mac) developed by the company Riot Games. Two teams face each other, on a virtual map. Each team usually consists of five members who can choose their avatar, called “Champion” at LoL, before the start. Both teams are placed […]

eSports Betting tips LOL ESPORTS AUG 29 Rainbow7 vs All Knights

The Latin America League or LLA 2020, League of Legends is currently in full swing which makes it the third season of the league. Multiple teams are competing against each other for standing out as the champions and the current topic of discussion is Rainbow7 versus All Knights. Image Source The two teams are scheduled […]

Valorant Agent guide: Sage

Coming from China, Sage is one of the most useful agents in Valorant due to her self sufficient and supportive gameplay style. She is an agent classed as a “Sentinel”. In terms of utility and gameplay, she delivers her team support and can easily lockdown and defend against flanks. She is also the only agent […]

Overwatch betting tips Dallas Fuel vs Paris Eternal

The final week of Overwatch League regular season is coming to a close and there’s still a handful of games to be completed. Coming up this weekend includes another clash between Dallas Fuel and Paris Eternal on August 23rd. From past games this year, Paris Eternal has been coming out on top. During the 2020 […]

Esports Betting Tips – How to Bet on Overwatch

Overwatch is a popular eSports title with a massive fanbase. Although this E-sports title is much younger than other E-sports Titans like Dota, CSGO, League of Legends, etc. Overwatch is known for its extremely competitive gameplay and, even more exceptionally balanced game design.  Overwatch’s is a very simple game, and the stable Hero play makes […]

Overwatch betting tips San Francisco Shock vs Atlanta Reign

The Regular Season might be coming to an end for Overwatch League but there are still exciting matches coming up this weekend. August 23rd places San Francisco Shock and Atlanta Reign back into the arena again. Considering their past history and relatively equal scoring between these two teams, it’s sure to be an interesting game. […]

eSports Betting tips – Overwatch 21st August matches

We are approaching the final week of the OWL regular season. The 2020 season has its fair share of ups and downs. But that didn’t stop the teams from showing incredible games and performances. The league table has shaped up nicely and still the teams will be fighting tooth and nail to end the regular […]