Overwatch May Melee Toronto Defiant vs Vancouver Titans Prediction

The first match of the Overwatch May Melee tournament is the qualification match between Toronto Defiant vs Vancouver Titans. The Canadian Derby will decide who will land on the next round. Two teams that have struggled a lot recently losing many matches in a row. The favorite seems clear to us in this Derby. Toronto […]

What is Valorant? How to access the closed beta

Riot was the first to believe strongly in Esports by launching League of Legends. A historical game but also a game that has been around for many years now. In 2019 Riot had announced the launch of another game Valorant, but nobody could have expected such a success. Although still in Close Beta Valorant has […]

Top esports games in 2020

When you think of Esports you don’t have to think of guys playing video games in their bedroom but of well-paid professionals who compete worldwide in the most important video games of the moment. There are international competitions that offer big prizes and these guys train every day for hours to participate in these tough […]

Overwatch League Prediction Week 15

In this article, we will have a Overwatch League Prediction Week 15. It will be interesting to see the side play, since the season has almost reached the halfway mark and the table is shaping up nicely. We will also see out the winner of each game, so let’s get started. Seoul Dynasty vs Chengdu […]

Brussen leaving Overwatch for Valorant?

Boston Uprising just announced that the off-tank Brussen is leaving the team. Is Brussen leaving Overwatch for Valorant? This are the rumors spreading. Another player leaving Overwatch to join the new Riot game. It wouldn’t be the first one, it’s probably won’t be the last one. Boston Uprising confirmed that Thomas Brussen is leaving the […]

Fortnite will be released on PS5 and Xbox Serie X at launch

Fortnite will be released on PS5 and Xbox Serie X at launch said Epic Games. Fortnite will have significant improvements in the game thanks to the next-gen hardware and features on the new consoles. Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, have announced details of the new Unreal Engine 5 showing in running on a Ps5. […]

StarCraft II and Warcraft III competition will change

StarCraft II and Warcraft III competition will come back this June and there will be big changes. ESL announced that “we’ve installed an increase of over 75 days of competition across both titles compared to our original planning. We’ve made changes that players, fans & community members can get excited about”. As expected the competition […]